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Barry, Robert
Assistant Soccer Coach, Athletic Department
Bartlett, H. Gwen, Pharm.D., BCPS
Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice
310D Peabody
Bartlett, Sandra, Ph.D, Pharm.D., BCPS
Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy
219 Peabody
Bartley, Dale
Electrical Maintenance Worker
Barton, Frank
Technology Support Coordinator, Information Resources
Lower Level, Bell Hall
(207) 941-7839(o)
Baxter, Stephen
Utility/Dishroom, Student Meal Program
Dickerman Dining Commons
Bayless, Jonathan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, School of Science and Humanities
227 Beardsley Meeting House
(207) 941-7015(o)
Beal, Lewis
Security Officer, Safety and Security
106 Peabody Hall
(207) 941-7911(o)
Bean, Carlena
Director, Admissions
122 O'Donnell Commons
(207) 941-7067(o)
(207) 941-7935(f)
Beaudry, Evan
Cook, Dining Services
Dickerman Dining Commons
(207) 941-7066(o)
Bemis, Carole
Administrative Assistant, Dining Services
Dickerman Dining Center
(207) 941-7076(o)
Bennett, Christopher
Maintenance Worker, Maintenance
Maintenance Facility
(207) 941-7020(o)
Bishop, Karl, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, School of Science and Humanities
230C Peabody Hall
(207) 941-7141(o)
Bixel, Patricia, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Science and Humanities
141 Beardsley Meeting House
Blackmore, Steven
Custodian, Maintenance
138 Peabody Hall
(207) 941-7900(o)
Bourgoin, Amanda, B.S., M.B.A.
Instructor, School of Business and Management
285 Peabody Hall
(207) 992-4996(o)
Branch, Thomas
Sports Information Assistant, Athletic Department
Newman Gymnasium
(207) 941-7026(o)
Brezovsky, Ken
Cash Operations Manager, Dining Services
Campus Center, Peabody Hall
(207) 992-4910(o)
(207) 941-7902(f)
Bridges, Kris, B.S.
Digital Media Specialist / Video Instructor, NESCOM
Hart Hall Basement
(207) 992-3271(o)
Brooks, Robert, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, School of Science and Humanities
225 Peabody Hall
(207) 941-7143(o)