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Health Sciences

Health Sciences is a pre-professional, cross-disciplinary program designed to educate students interested in practitioner-oriented career opportunities in healthcare and the healing arts. 

Why Get a Health Sciences Degree?

husson-academics-healthscience.jpgThe decision to become a health care practitioner often involves a sense of calling. Individuals who pursue a degree in health sciences are motivated by a strong desire to help others. They derive job satisfaction by working with patients and helping to relieve suffering. Often, they are individuals who are fascinated by the workings of the human body and enjoy unlocking the mysteries of biology and chemistry. Students who pursue a degree in health sciences value and appreciate the important role medical practitioners play in our society and the responsibility they undertake to help restore the sick and injured to good health.

If this challenging and rewarding career sounds like one that suits you, enroll in our Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program. 



The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences prepares students for immediate work or graduate studies in professional health fields. With its heavy emphasis on chemistry, biology, physiology and other sciences, the degree is ideal for successful individuals interested in becoming doctors of medicine, medical specialists (podiatrists, optometrists, dermatologists, osteopathic physicians etc.), veterinarians, dentists, speech pathologists, chiropractors, radiologists or physician's assistants.

Course content spans a variety of scientific disciplines while emphasizing the processes and physiological functions of the human body.

Husson University emphasizes experiential learning that helps ensure graduates are workforce ready upon graduation. Once completed, students will have attained the essential fundamentals of knowledge and practical experience necessary to become professionals focused on maintaining and restoring health in others through the prevention and treatment of illness. This experience is also extremely beneficial for those individuals who plan to pursue advanced graduate studies.

Students interested in preparing for admission to medical school may wish to explore our Pre-Medicine program.

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