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Video Production at Husson University

Equipment Distribution Center


The New England School of Communications Equipment Distribution Center (EDC) is located on the first floor of the Wildey Communications Building. It includes equipment used by Video, Audio, Journalism, Sports Journalism, and NESCom Mobile Productions.

The EDC loans professional equipment and facilities to current students & faculty to fulfill class assignments and extra experiential learning opportunities approved by the faculty, staff, and the University Administration.

For more information and specific policies concerning the use of equipment from the EDC, please contact us at (207) 992-4932

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Hours of Operation

8 am - 1 am

Saturday & Sunday
10 am - 1 am* 
*Please note that there is inventory on all video equipment Sunday 2 pm-5 pm. During this time equipment cannot be signed out.


Student Production Forms

EDC Contract Guidelines
EDC Contract
Production Policies & Procedures
Assumption Of Risk And Release Form
Talent Release
On Campus Filming Production Guide
Travel Release
City of Bangor Permit



1 Canon C500
1 Canon 1DX
1 RED Epic
4 Blackmagic Pocket 6K’s
7 Canon XF605
7 Sony A7III
4 Canon C300 Mk II’s
6 Sony PXW 320
4 Sony FX6
8 Sony FX3
4 GoPro 8’s


14 Canon 7D Mk II’s
11 Canon 80D’s
6 Canon T8i’s
7 Portable Strobe Kits
11 Specialty Lenses


7 Lowel Action Kits
1 Pepper Light Kit
4 Amaran F22x’s
3 Godox FL150R’s
2 Dedo Light Kits
2 Kino-Flo Diva Lite Kits
3 ARRI Fresnel Kits
1 ARRI L-5 Kit
2 ARRI T2 Lights
3 Aputure MC’s
2 Neewer Journalism LED Lights
1 Gemini Litepanel
9 Astra LED Panel
2 Quasar Crossfade Lights
2 Astera Titan Tubes
1 ARRI HMI Light
2 Spider/Pokerlite’s

Audio Equipment

5 Tascam Linear PCM Recorders
5 Zoom H6’s
5 Sound Device 664 Field Recorders

Types of Microphones:
Wired and Wireless Lavaliers
PZM (Pressure Zone Microphone
PCC (Phase Coherent Cardioid)

Field Production Equipment (Grip/Motion)

Green/Blue screens
Portable backdrops
Matthews Round-D-Round Dolly and Track
2 EZ-FX Jibs - 10 foot length
2 Indie Dollys and Track (Both Straight and Curved)
1 Indie Slider
3 Kessler Sliders
1 Edelkrone Slider
1 ZEPHYR Steadicam Kit
2 Manfrotto 3-Axis Gimbals
1 6x6 Frame
1 8x8 Frame
2 Booklight Frames
1 Fig Rig
2 Shape Handheld Shoulder Rigs
Beefy Baby’s, Combo Stands, and Avenger Stands
1 Spiderpod
1 Atomos Sumo 19” Monitor
4 7” IKAN Field Monitors
3 5” Atomos Ninja Field Recorder & Monitor

Large and Small Flags
Floppy Flags
A Clamps, Cardellini Clamps, Mafer Clamps, and Scissor Clips
Articulated Arms

6 WACOM PTH-650’s
5 WACOM PTH-660’s

For more information

Phone and Email Address
Franklin Welch, MEd Franklin Welch, MEd
112 Wildey Communications Center
Husson University
1 College Circle
Bangor, Maine 04401