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Healthcare Administration and Public Health

The Healthcare Administration & Public Health program provides students with academic training necessary to become leaders, managers and professionals in roles that are focused on the organization, structure and delivery of healthcare.

Undergraduate Healthcare Administration & Public Health majors pursue careers including healthcare management, marketing, research, quality improvement, public health, and public policy. Healthcare is the largest industry in the United States, with more than 11 million jobs. Employment in healthcare offers students an opportunity to serve people in every segment of our society by improving personal and population health.

Is a Healthcare Administration & Public Health Major Right For You?

Successful students in Healthcare Administration & Public Health program at Husson University are interested in taking leadership roles in the complex areas of health care service delivery and healthcare management, population health, or healthcare as a business. These students learn the important social, cultural, and demographic factors that impact the structure of our healthcare system.

Students interested in the Healthcare Administration & Public Health major may choose several pathways depending on their career interests. For those interested in a business career in healthcare, Husson offers a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration & Public Health - Master of Business Administration program that allows students to obtain a B.S. and M.B.A. in five years. Students have the option of completing either a broader master's degree in Business Administration, or a more specialized M.B.A. concentrating in healthcare management. Students complete courses focused on understanding the structure of our current healthcare system, public health, business and healthcare management, and health policy. Upon completion of the degree, students are prepared for careers in public health administration, healthcare management, healthcare equipment and technology businesses, and health insurance.

A terminal bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration & Public Health is also available in a more traditional four-year program. Students accepted to the M.S. in occupational therapy program complete a bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration & Public Health as part of their overall curriculum leading to the Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy.

Completion of a Healthcare Administration & Public Health degree enables students to:

  • Understand and describe the complex structure of the United States healthcare system, including the high value placed on individual choices about healthcare
  • Articulate the inherent tensions and difficulty in providing healthcare that is high quality, easily accessible, and at reasonable cost.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how social issues, cultural context, and population demographics influence healthcare policy and the structure of healthcare delivery systems.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of economic principles and public health policy that shape our current healthcare system at different levels of analysis (national, organizational, provider).
  • Understand principles and practices of good healthcare management and leadership.
  • Apply principles of evidence-based practice, quantitative reasoning and objective measurement in the design and evaluation of healthcare delivery systems.
  • Apply health care research and evidence-based practices to the delivery of healthcare.
  • Acquire skills that allow for successful entry into graduate programs in a chosen healthcare profession.

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