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Gain the skills and knowledge you need to direct the operation of healthcare organizations

Healthcare Administration and Public Health

Bachelor of Science

Quick Facts

Total Credit Hours: 121-122
Time to Completion: 12-24 months*
Tuition: $398 per credit hour**


Online Healthcare Administration & Public Health Degree

Bachelor of Science

The need for strong business leadership in the healthcare field is greater than ever. After completing the public health and healthcare administration degree online, you’ll be prepared to help improve the delivery of healthcare as you make decisions that positively impact patients and communities.

Prepare for a career in healthcare administration 

2023-2024 Term Start Dates

2023 Term Start Dates
December 26 - Winter Term

2024 Term Start Dates
January 16 - Term 3
March 11 - Term 4
May 6 - Term 5
July 1 - Term 6

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healthcare-program-agacnp.jpegRecognized as a leading educator in the field, Husson University’s online bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration and Public Health is designed to prepare you to build a business career with a healthcare focus. You'll learn from distinguished professors and working healthcare professionals with valuable connections in the industry and have access to learning opportunities through internships, practicums, clinical, and hands-on learning. As a healthcare leader, you’ll work to improve how medical care is delivered in the United States. You’ll use your specialized knowledge gained from our healthcare administration degree online to ensure that health organizations have strong operational, quality/safety, and financial footings to best serve patients, families, and communities.

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*Based on a student transferring in between 60-90 credits **All rates subject to change. Please see Cost and Aid for more information.

Courses you will take:

Your courses encompass a variety of management, law and ethics, economics and policy, database design, and more. Even better, with Husson's online health administration degree program, you can earn a specialized Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Healthcare Management with only one additional year of study. You'll be able to get ahead in your career and take on more responsibility and leadership even quicker. Reach out today if you’d like more information or if you would like to speak to an enrollment counselor. 


EH 105 College Writing: 3 hours
PY 111 General Psychology: 3 hours
MS 132 Probability and Statistics: 3 hours
PY 141 Human Growth and Development: 3 hours
BA 211 Microeconomics: 3 hours


MS 141 Contemporary College Algebra: 4 hours
MS 180 Precalculus with Trigonometry: 4 hours
MS 181 Calculus with Applications: 4 hours


Perspectives Elective: 3 hours
Lab Science Elective: 4 hours
Philosophical Elective: 3 hours
Historical Elective: 3 hours
Humanities Elective: 3 hours
Fine Arts Elective: 3 hours
Literature Elective: 3 hours

HS 101 Introduction to Healthcare Studies: 3 hours
HS 121 Medical Terminology: 3 hours
HS 301 Introduction to Public Health: 3 hours
HS 302 Global Health: 3 hours
HS 311 Healthcare Management and Organization: 3 hours
HS 321 Healthcare Law and Ethics: 3 hours
HS 411 Health Economics and Policy: 3 hours
HS 421 Healthcare Studies Senior Experience: 3 hours
HS 491 Healthcare Studies Internship: 3 hours
SC 120 Functional Anatomy and Lab: 4 hours
SC 224 Research Design: 3 hours
SC 292 Epidemiology: 3 hours
IT 210 Basic Database Design and Implementation: 3 hours
IT 214 Spreadsheet Concepts and Applications: 3 hours
EH 360: Writing in the Health Professions: 3 hours

Healthcare Studies Electives: 9 hours
Foreign Culture Elective: 3 hours
Bridge Elective: 3 hours
Sustainability Elective: 3 hours
Open Electives: 15 hours

Why Husson Online

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Career Outlook

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for healthcare administration jobs is expected to grow by 32% through 2026, much faster than average.

The national median salary for medical and health services managers in 2020 was $104,280, per the BLS.

This online healthcare administration program will prepare you for meaningful and well-paid professional roles in the healthcare industry to include areas such as health promotion specialist, healthcare practice and project management, community health educator, and public health and wellness professional.

Is healthcare administration the same as public health?

Healthcare administration is a function. Public health is a field. A qualified healthcare administrator can work in the field of public health, providing leadership and guidance that helps whole communities. At Husson University, our Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and Public Health can help
you gain the skills and credentials needed to maintain the financial health and patient service quality of healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Is a bachelor’s in public health worth it?

It certainly can be. At Husson University, our Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and Public Health is offered 100% online to give you the freedom you need to build the leadership skills needed to ensure your organization meets its patient care responsibilities—from operations to finances to medical staff.

Which bachelor’s degree is best for healthcare?

That depends if you’re looking for a non-clinical career where you can make a real difference for individual patients as well as whole communities, then a degree focused on administration and management for healthcare organizations is a great place to start. At Husson University, our Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and Public Health is designed to help you hone your leadership abilities while gaining the operational, fiscal and management skills needed to keep health services running smoothly and efficiently.

Is healthcare administration a good career?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in all healthcare occupations is projected to grow 13 percent by 2031. And when you drill down, you’ll find that healthcare leadership roles, such as Medical and Health Services Managers, is projected to grow by 28 percent. Aside from employment
percentages (and health salary expectations), there is the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped make a real difference in the lives of your organization’s patients and personnel. So, yes, healthcare administration is an excellent career field to enter.

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