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Student walking outside the Darling Living Learning Center

Husson University Title IX

Equal access to education is of utmost importance to Husson University. To ensure students have a safe environment in which to be successful in their academic pursuits, Husson University provides resources and a supportive process for students who have experienced non-consensual gender-based action that interferes with academic and extracurricular pursuits. Our Sexual Assault and Prevention Awareness Committee which encompasses Student Life, Athletics, Safety and Security, among other areas on campus, advances education and training for students and employees. As Responsible Employees all Husson University employees have an affirmative role in supporting students to assure equal access to education. We take great pride in caring for our students and ensuring they have a happy and healthy experience.


Sexual Misconduct Options for Assistance

Title IX Coordinator

If you are the victim of sexual misconduct, your safety and medical needs are paramount. Seeking assistance immediately is important to protect yourself and the members of the University community and to preserve physical and other evidence. Husson University strongly encourages anyone who believes that an incident of sexual misconduct has occurred to report the incident as soon as possible to:

David Casavant

Associate Provost  & Title IX Coordinator
Husson University
1 College Circle
Bangor, ME
122 Peabody Hall

The Title IX Coordinator is available to assist students and other individuals in accessing resources available on campus and in the local community, including local law enforcement.  The Title IX Coordinator can also explain the processes available through this Title IX Policy, and other applicable policies and procedures of the University.


Confidential Resource Advisors

Husson University has appointed three individuals to serve as Confidential Resource Advisors (CRA’s) to students and employees for those who are victims of gender based violence. These individuals are prepared to assist Husson University community members obtain assistance and access resources from within and outside of the University. They can be reached at 207-992-1920 or by email at

Emergency Resources

The following emergency resources are available to all Husson University community members to address any immediate concerns or to obtain emergency assistance related to sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, or sexual misconduct. Please contact the following if you or others need immediate assistance: 

  • Police (City of Bangor): dial 911 or 207-947-7382
  • Campus Safety and Security: dial 207-941-7911 – 106 Peabody Hall

Sexual Assault Support Center and Domestic Violence Resource Center – Off campus Confidential

  • Partners for Peace – 24-hour helpline: 1-800-863-9909; 1-800-437-1220 (TTY)
  • Rape Response Services / Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault – 24-hour helpline: 1-800-871-7741
  • Joseph’s Hospital SAFE Program – 207-907-3371
  • RAINN – National Sexual Assault 24/7 helpline 1-800-656-4673
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline – 1-800-273-8255 

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Local – Bangor Police Department – dial 911 or 207-947-7382
  • State – Maine State Police – dial (207) 973-3700 or 1-800-432-7381 Ext. 9
  • Federal – US Marshall’s Service – dial (207) 945-0416 

Other Resources

  • Regardless of whether you have decided to report the incident to law enforcement, you may seek a forensic exam locally through St. Joseph’s Hospital. Additional information and arrangements can be made through Rape Response Services, law enforcement, or coordinated through a campus CRA or Safety and Security. 
  • Financial Assistance for any cost associated with emergency medical assistance may be available through the Victim’s Compensation Fund.

People affiliated with agencies or organizations on the confidential lists above are considered confidential resources under Title IX. All other employees of the University are obligated to report incidents of sexual misconduct involving a student to the Title IX Coordinator, pursuant to Section IV. below.

Confidential Resources can assist individuals by explaining how the Title IX process and other University processes work; assist individuals with accessing supportive services, accommodations, resources and other services available on and off-campus, and with contacting local law enforcement. The Confidential Resources can also assist individuals with contacting the Title IX Coordinator, if desired.  In very rare circumstances, a Confidential Resource may have a professional obligation to share information disclosed to them, particularly if there is a serious risk of danger or a threat to people or property.  In addition, such individuals must abide by requirements to report allegations of sexual and/or physical abuse of persons under the age of 18 under Maine law.


Rights of Students and Employees

Students and employees have the rights to: 

(1) Notify or decline to notify a law enforcement agency, including campus, local or state police, of an alleged incident of sexual violence, intimate partner violence or stalking;

(2) Receive assistance from campus authorities in making any notification under subparagraph (1); and

(3) Obtain a court-issued or institution-issued protection order against a responding party involved with the alleged incident of sexual violence, intimate partner violence or stalking; 

The University’s disciplinary proceedings may not serve as a substitute for the criminal justice process.