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Clark, Robert A., M.B.A., Ph.D.
President and CEO, Office of the President
241 Beardsley Meeting House
(207) 941-7138(o)
(207) 941-7139(f)
Clissen, Walter, M.F.A.
Associate Professor, Audio Engineering
Wildey Communications Center
Cobb, Juliet
Assistant Diving Coach, Athletic Department
Coleman, Jason
Assistant Football Coach, Athletic Department
Newman Gymnasium
(207) 941-7026(o)
Collins, Charles, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Southern Maine, Division of Extended Learning
Southern Maine Campus Westbrook
(207) 874-5801(o)
(207) 775-2107(f)
Comfort, Samuel
Resident Director, Carlisle Hall
(207) 941-7127(o)
Conlon, Thomas
Security Officer, Safety & Security
106 Peabody Hall
(207) 941-7911(o)
Connolly, Morgan
Assistant Director, Career Services
201 Peabody Hall
Cook, Cristanna, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, School of Business and Management
246 Peabody Hall
(207) 941-7042(o)
(207) 973-1021(f)
Cookson, Tawny
Accountant, Business Office
Quirk House
(207) 941-7079(o)
Coppola, Sarah
Dickerman Dining Commons
Cormier, Garth
Associate Vice President of Information Resources
Lower Level, Bell Hall
Coy-Ogan, Lynne, Ed.D.
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Academic Administration
122A Peabody Hall
(207) 992-4918(o)
(207) 973-1021(f)
Craven, Katie B.S., M.B.A.
Enterprise Application Services Manager, Information Resources
Lower Level, Bell Hall
(207) 941-7031(o)
Crawford, Mikal, Ed.D.
Associate Professor, School of Education
101D Living Learing Center
(207) 941-7119(o)
Crowley, Adam, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English, School of Science and Humanities
219 Beardsley Meeting House
(207) 992-1980(o)
Crump-Karst, Donald, MBA, MHR
Residential Computing and Telecommunications Coordinator
Lower Level, Bell Hall
(207) 941-7024(o)
Cummings, Amanda
Director of Alumni Relations, Office of Advancement
136 Beardsley Meeting House
(207) 941-7875(o)
(207) 907-9169(c)
Cunningham, Renee
Student Accounts Representative
1st Floor Commons