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Business Administration Management

Business Administration - Management

Bachelor of Science

Quick Facts

Total Credit Hours: 121-122
Time to Completion: Varies*
Tuition: $398 per credit hour**

Bachelor of Science

Online Business Administration and Management Degree

Inside every successful company you'll find effective business managers who know how to communicate, make smart decisions, and solve problems in order to meet the company's goals. Leaders like these will always be in demand in a competitive job market. Get started toward a rewarding career in business with Husson’s business administration and management bachelor’s degree.

Business Administration and Management Program Highlights


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May 6, 2024
July 1, 2024

Multiple start dates throughout the year
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What you will learn

ba-management.jpegOur fully online business administration and management degree will prepare you for a career in finance, sales, business administration, human resources, and more. Our dedicated faculty and professors, many of whom are business professionals themselves, bring real-world management experience to the classroom as well as connections that can lead to jobs at prominent companies. With this online business and management degree, you're truly preparing yourself to succeed. 


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*Based on a student transferring in between 60-90 credits **All rates subject to change. Please see Cost and Aid for more information.

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Courses you will take:

Husson’s business administration and management degree requires 121-122 credits for completion. This includes many elective credits to customize your studies as you gain the credentials you need for workplace success. Our business administration and management courses explore key topics in accounting, macro and microeconomics, business law, project management, human resources, business strategy and practice and international business so that you develop the knowledge and foundational skills needed for success in business administration management careers. You'll also complete an internship to gain valuable hands-on real-world experience. Reach out today if you’d like more business degree information or would like to speak to an enrollment counselor. 


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Career Outlook for Business Administration Management Majors

Whether you are just starting your just getting started in your career journey or looking to advance in the workplace, earning a bachelor's degree in business administration and management can open the door to a wide variety exciting, high-paying jobs. You'll graduate our business degree program with both the hands-on experience and skills sought needed for success in both entry-level and high-level management positions. Upon graduating from Husson, you'll be prepared to pursue a career in business management, finance, analytics, marketing and communications, supply chain management, human resources, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a BS in Business Administration and Management degree worth it?

If your goal is to prepare for a lifetime of business management success, then a relevant bachelor’s degree program is the way to go. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts more than 500,000 new business management positions will be created by 2029. A BS in Business Administration and Management from Husson University could be exactly what you need to join those ranks.

Is an online business management degree hard?

Online or in person, earning any worthwhile degree can be a challenge. At Husson University, we do everything we can to help you succeed in and out of the classroom. Our business degree programs are specifically built for online learning to give you the insights, information and credential you need to succeed in the real world of business.

What can you do with a business management degree?

The possibilities are seemingly endless. An education in business management provides an in-depth understanding of key business essentials, from accounting and economics to leadership strategies. The skills and knowledge you gain from a BS in Business Administration and Management from Husson University can help you take your career to the next level in corporate offices, non-profit organizations and even government agencies.

How long does it take to earn a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management?

Most business management bachelor’s degree programs can be completed with around 120-credit-hours of work, or about four years of full-time study. Husson University examines all of your prior learning experiences to give you the credit you deserve. We accepting up to 90 hours into our BS in Business Administration and Management to help you move from the classroom to graduation day faster and more efficiently.

Where can you study business management?

When you take an online program, such as the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from Husson University, you can take classes wherever you can get internet service. On your lunch break, when the kids fall asleep, at the dinner table, in the car … study wherever and whenever it fits your life. And with a generous transfer credit policy — up to 90 credit hours — you could be closer to a degree than you think at Husson!

Transfer Made Easy

You're not alone. Hundreds of students transfer to Husson each year, some with just a few college credits, and others looking to transform an Associate's degree to a Bachelor’s or a Master’s. Best of all, you can transfer up to 90 credits toward your undergraduate degree or nine credits toward your graduate degree. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure you’re more than ready for the rewarding future you have in mind.

Whether you are transferring from a community college, looking to maximize your transfer credits, or trying to find an affordable school, Husson Online is a great choice.

Transfer up to 90 credits

Husson University participates in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.

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