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Master of Business Administration - Organizational Management

Total Credit Hours: 36-37 | Time to Completion: 24 months* | Tuition: $532 per credit hour**

Knowing how an organization runs and how to optimize that organization to be more efficient and effective is an invaluable skill in business. Though sales and finance are essential as well, having someone who can focus on the human side of the business and fully leverage the talents and skills of employees can mean the difference between success and failure. Careers in this field are expected to experience average or faster than average growth over the next several years and command impressive salaries, ranging from around $55,000 to more than $100,000 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you want to lead and manage people in ways that help organizations increase their productivity and profitability, an online Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Management degree from Husson University can get you started. If you're interested in a high-level career as a management analyst, human resources manager, training and development specialist, or something similar, you will benefit from this degree program.

In the online organizational management MBA program, you will develop advanced knowledge in organizational behavior, leadership and ethics, staffing and training, and labor and employment law. Plus, you'll be able to study entirely online, so you will be able to balance your learning with other responsibilities like work and family.

If you'd like to know more, check out the course map below. You can also request further info or speak to an academic advisor. Become the leader you were meant to be with an online degree from Husson University!


*Based on a student taking 6 credit hours per semester **All rates subject to change

Course Map


BA 500 MBA Fundamentals:* 1
BA 600 Research Methods in Business and Education: 3
BA 601 Managerial Economics: 3
BA 602 Managerial Accounting: 3
BA 605 Management Communications: 3
BA 625 Global Strategic Management: 3
BA 643 Strategic Change Management: 3

*Required for students with undergraduate degrees in fields other than business.

Choose one of the following:
BA 620 Financial Management: 3
BA 703 Financial Management in Health Care Organizations: 3

Choose one of the following:
BA 621 Marketing Management: 3
BA 712 Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations: 3
BA 720 Advance Sales and Marketing in Hospitality: 3
BA 754 Strategic Selling: 3


Choose four of the following:
BA 611 Organizational Behavior: 3
BA 641 Human Resource Management: 3
BA 642 Leadership in Business & Professions: 3
BA 725 Strategic Management & Leadership in Athletics: 3
BA 741 Staffing & Selection: 3
BA 742 Training and Development: 3
CJ 703 Labor & Employment Law: 3
CJ 705 Leadership & Ethics: 3
BA 799 Topics: Organizational Management Elective: 3