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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Total Credit Hours: 121-122 | Time to Completion: 12-24 months* | Tuition: $386 per credit hour**

Let's get down to business: if you're looking to find a high-paying and fulfilling job, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Husson University is the key to getting started, standing out, and starting your career.

Accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) and regarded as one of the top programs in Maine, Husson's Business Administration program is offered in a fully online format, meaning you can study at your convenience and on your terms. That way, you'll be able to find time for your schoolwork while also juggling other responsibilities such as family or work.

Husson's online Business Administration degree program is designed to provide you with the foundational skills you will need for a successful business career. You will learn and develop skills in a variety of disciplines including accounting, economics, management and marketing.

Electives are built into almost every semester, so you can customize your education to better address your specific career goals. Depending on how you choose to focus your studies, you can prepare to work in fields including marketing, finance, sales and more. In addition, you can choose to tailor your education further through concentrations in management and marketing management.

To begin your business education, apply to Husson. You can also speak to an academic advisor, request more info online, or just take a look at the course map below to get a sense of where your educational journey can lead you. The world of business is booming, and it's time for you to find your career today.


*Based on a student transferring in between 60-90 credits **All rates subject to change


BA 302 Business Ethics: 3
BA 321 Marketing Principles: 3
BA 351 Internship: 3
BA 414 Business Strategy: 3
CM 100 Speech: 3
EH 123 Rhetoric and Composition I: 3
EH 124 Rhetoric and Composition II: 3
EH 200 Approaches to Literature: 3
MS 141 Contemporary College Algebra: 4
PY 111 General Psychology: 3

Choose one from the following:
MS 132 Probability & Statistics: 3
MS 232 Finite Mathematics: 3

SC/SL Lab Science Elective: 3-4
Global Elective: 3
Communications Elective: 3
Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective: 3
Fine Arts Elective: 3


AC 121 Principles of Accounting I: 3
AC 211 Managerial Accounting: 3
BA 101 Introduction to Business: 3
BA 201 Business Law I: 3
BA 202 Business Law II: 3
BA 211 Microeconomics: 3
BA 212 Macroeconomics: 3
BA 310 Organization and Management: 3
BA 311 Human Resource Management: 3
BA 362 Financial Management I: 3
BA 401 Managerial Economics: 3
BA 411 Organizational Behavior: 3
BA 490 International Business: 3
IT 111 Introduction to Microcomputing: 3


Business-related Electives: 12
Computer Information Systems (IT) Electives: 3
Open Electives: 15


AC 122 Principles of Accounting II: 3*
BA 271 Risk Management: 3*
BA 375 Supply Chain Management: 3**
BA 422 Sales and Sales Management: 3*
BA 425 Marketing Management: 3*
BA 440 Small Business Management: 3*
BA 442 Small Business Management II: 3*
BA 464 Bank and Financial Services Management: 3*

* Replaces Open Elective
** Replaces Business-Related Elective


BA 326 Consumer Behavior: 3*
BA 429 Competitive Intelligence: 3*
BA 375 Supply Chain Management: 3*
BA 421 Integrated Marketing Communications & Advertising: 3*
BA 422 Sales and Sales Management: 3*
BA 424 Marketing Research: 3*
BA 425 Marketing Management: 3*
BA 425 International Marketing: 3*
BA 440 Small Business Management: 3*
BA 442 Small Business Management II: 3*

Choose one from the following:
MC 322 Social Media Marketing: 3*
BA 475 E-Business/E-Commerce: 3*

* Replaces Open Elective
** Replaces Business-Related Elective