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Husson Grad Links Current Success to Involvement in Student Clubs and Organizations

Cameron-Clark-min.jpgGetting involved in the more than 40 clubs and organizations at Husson University is one ofthe best ways for students to meet people in their campus community, explore personal and professional interests and make the most of the college experience.

There’s one benefit that doesn’t get talked about as much: participation in clubs and organizations helps students stand out to potential employers and become leaders in future workplaces and communities.

Cameron Clark, a 2020 Husson University College of Business graduate and former president of the Husson University Student Government, can attest to this.

“Husson transitioned me from a high school student into a true professional,” Clark, who currently owns his own business, said during an interview in the Fall 2021 edition of The Ledger.  “Aside from taking in course material in the classroom, I was able to develop practical skills through many extracurricular opportunities, gaining leadership traits necessary for a strong career.”

When asked to talk about an individual or experience that made an impact on his time at Husson, Clark again spoke about his time in Student Government. It’s easy to see why, as Clark says he joined the organization during his first semester and remained a member for four years, ending his tenure as president.

While his time with Student Government ended upon graduation, the lessons he learned and experiences he gained along the way stayed with him into his post-collegiate life.

“Through this, I learned the importance of volunteerism and giving back to the areas where we live and work; always trying to make a positive impact,” Clark said.

One such example of Clark’s continued desire to serve the community and help those around him is his membership on the Husson University Bangor Alumni Board.

He credits alumni boards, such as the one he currently serves on, with playing a large part in making his time at Husson University a positive experience.

“One reason my time at Husson was so special roots from the network of professionals that I was able to meet through Husson events and many of them were alumni,” Clark said. “I believe it’s now my turn to stay engaged, offering what I can to campus and being present as a resource for students and events.”

If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved in a student club or organization at Husson University, visit the Husson University Clubs and Organizations Directory, where you can explore dozens of cultural, educational, political, professional and athletic groups and teams.

You can also contact the Student Activities Office at 207.941.7680.