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Physical Therapy students and faculty work in a classroom


physicaltherapy_therapeutic-skills-lab.jpgTherapeutic Skills Lab

Two Therapeutic Skills Labs are used by Physical Therapy students for practicing clinically important manual skills. They contain over 30 motorized and fully adjustable plinths that allow for the demonstration and practice of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular evaluation and treatment techniques. The labs also contain all the equipment that is typically found in Physical Therapy clinics such as pulley systems, free-weights, wheelchairs, mats, gym balls etc. As with all Physical Therapy labs at Husson, the labs are open for student use 24 hours a day.

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Dahl Anatomy Lab

Dahl Gross Anatomy Laboratory

Husson's Dahl Gross Anatomy Laboratory is a state-of-the-art purpose-built facility designed for Physical Therapy student use. The lab is housed within the department, allowing DPT students access to the lab for studying 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While in the professional phase of the program PT students have the rare opportunity to take two dissection courses. The first course allows the students to perform a complete dissection that emphasizes musculoskeletal, neural and vascular anatomy. Unique to Husson's program, after completing all clinical affiliations, and just prior to graduating, Husson students again take an anatomy dissection course that allows them to review prosected cadavers and then perform detailed and in depth dissections of regions of special interest. In this way, graduates of Husson leave with an extremely strong background in one of the most important areas of knowledge for clinical practice.

physicaltherapy_swan_center.jpgKenduskeag Research Institute

The Kenduskeag Institute, located in the Swan Center adjacent to Newman Gym, houses the Human Performance Labs. This lab contains sophisticated equipment capable of precisely measuring many aspects of performance in both clinical and athletic populations. This equipment includes; a Biodex 3 system used for measuring force production under isokinetic and isometric conditions, an upper and lower body ergometer, and computerized cardiovascular equipment for the analysis of EKGs, oxygen uptake and ventilatory measures. Students and faculty members use this lab extensively as they conduct research aimed at contributing to the body of knowledge in the Physical Therapy profession. The lab is affiliated with the Physical Therapy program and is available for student and faculty research and for lab-based classes. Equipment within the lab includes:

Clinical-grade treadmill

Produces the very slow speeds necessary to allow gait in neurological involved populations.

Body weight support system (Lite Gait, Mobility Research)

Enables treadmill and overground gait in patients unable to support their body weight.

Electromyographical System (Biopac Inc.)

Allows the electrical activity from ten muscles to be recorded simultaneously. The Human Performance lab also contains various force transducers, electrogoniometers and a research quality bicycle ergometer.

Portable metabolic cart (Cosmed USA Inc.).

Using breath by breath gas analysis, researchers can determine parameters of cardiopulmonary metabolic functioning.