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Students and faculty work in a Physical Therapy Simulation Lab

School of Physical Therapy Clinical Experiences

Students in the fourth and sixth years of the Physical Therapy program are required to participate in unpaid fulltime clinical experiences as part of their professional education. It is recommended that students budget an additional $2000-$2500 for travel, accommodations, etc. There are three clinical placement periods during the professional phase of the program as shown below:

  • Year 4-8-week placement generally mid-May to early July
  • Year 6 2 12 week placements Sept-March

The program currently has contracts with over 350 clinical sites throughout the United States.

Students will also spend time at SOARing Eagles Healthcare (SEH), Husson's student-run pro bono clinic. SEH offers services to the uninsured and underinsured in the Bangor community. Students provide assessment and intervention in supervised interdisciplinary student teams from the School of Physical Therapy, School of Occupational Therapy and the School of Pharmacy.