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Student Philanthropy

Husson Students Give Back

Husson University was founded on generosity. It started with a gift from the man who gave Husson both his name and its nonprofit independent status, Chesley H. Husson, Sr. The purpose of Husson University's student philanthropy efforts is to educate current students on the importance of giving back, to bring awareness to the ways alumni generously impact students on a daily basis and to encourage a legacy of philanthropy.


How can I give?

  • Are you a senior, consider making your Senior Class Gift of $20.24. For more information about Senior Class Giving, click here.
  • Make a gift to the area of campus that means the most to you by filling out this easy online form

Are you a Student Club or Organization?

Did you know that you can fundraise for your club or organization? Events like Giving Day are an easy way to help spread the mission of your club and raise funds for your needs. 

Need to access funds that you've raised? Make sure that you utilize any funds from Student Government first. Then, use this form to request additional funds from your account.