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Math Assessment 

To complete your enrollment at Husson University for the upcoming semester, you'll need to take the Math Assessment. This online test is designed to assess your math skills so that we can place you in a math course where you can be successful and learn useful new skills. It's not an exam you need to study for or one that you can “fail.”

A lower score will simply place you a lower-level course where your confidence and skills can grow. Consequently, you may need to take additional math courses until you attain the minimum outcome for your major. A higher score will place you in a higher-level course where you will master new skills that will make other courses easier for you.

When do I need to take it?
Please complete the Math Assessment within two weeks of being notified through your email.

How long will it take?
This online exam takes up to 45 uninterrupted minutes. It is a timed test which cannot be paused.

Do I really need to take the test?
All newly accepted students need to take the Math Assessment unless they are transferring college credit equivalent to one of the following courses:

  • MS141 Contemporary College Algebra
  • MS180 PreCalculus with Trigonometry
  • MS181 Calculus with Applications
  • MS182 Calculus II

If you are waiting to complete current coursework or for your transcripts to be sent, please email Dr. Scott Lambert at with the expected date transcripts will be received by the registrar's office.


Test Instructions

  1. Make sure you have at least 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to take the test.
  2. Have paper, pencil and a calculator at hand. (You can use an online calculator which can be found here.)
  3. Your username: your Husson Network ID (lastname123456). You can find it at the top of your Math Assessment notification email.
  4. Your password: your email password.
  5. If you have problems logging in or if you have forgotten your email password, contact Husson IT at 207.973.1000.
  6. When you log in, you'll see three tests. You only need to take the first one! (The other two are in case you have technical difficulties that invalidate the test OR if you want to take it again.)
  7. Once your results are in, you'll get an email with that information to your email address.

    Ready? Take the Math Assessment Now!