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Math Placement Policy

The Math Placement Assessment will be available beginning May 1, 2018 for incoming Fall 2018 students.

Initial Math Assessment (Math Placement Exam)

I am ready to start!

Go to:

The login is your Husson University Network ID. It should look like "last123456" you should find this in a "welcome" email from IRO. Your password is linked to that account. It is the same as your email password. For more information on Husson accounts, usernames, and passwords see:


I need more information. How do I take this test?

You should have 45 minutes set aside, with paper, pencil and a calculator at hand. When you login above you should see three tests. You only need to take the first one. The other two are there in case you have technical difficulties that invalidate the test or you simply wish to have additional attempts (your highest attempt is used if you do more than one). The test is timed and cannot be interrupted. Once you click on the exam, you have 35, 40, or 45 minutes depending on the version assigned.

I need more information. What is this all about?

The final step in completing your enrollment at Husson University for the upcoming semester will be to take the Initial Math Assessment. This online test is designed to assess your math skills so that you can be placed in a math course where you can be successful and learn useful new skills.

All majors require at least two math courses. Depending on the expectations of your major and your entry level skills, more courses maybe required which is why the assessment must be made upon entry to Husson University. Beyond the minimum requirements, it is in your best interests to develop a transcript that shows math skills beyond the minimum.

The goal of the exam is to accurately predict how prepared you are for certain math courses. The best result is the one that most accurately reflects your skills not necessarily the highest score. It is not an exam you need to study for or one that you can “fail.” A lower score will simply place you a lower-level course where your confidence and skills can grow, and consequently, you may need to take additional math courses until you attain the minimum outcome for your major. A higher score will place you in a higher-level course where you will master new skills that will make other courses easier for you. With a higher-level placement, you may not have to take more than the minimum of two math courses.

The exam takes (up to) 45 uninterrupted minutes and is taken online. Completing the Initial Math Assessment (or Math Placement Exam) in a timely manner ensures that we can build your schedule for the next semester before space fills up. Please complete the Initial Math Assessment within two weeks of being notified. Be sure to check your new “” email address regularly!

I need help!

You should make sure you have access to your email address first. This insures that your passwords are all setup. If you have questions about that please contact IRO:

Once that is working feel free to contact me, Scott Lambert, at with any questions not answered here.

I am having technical difficulties!

If you can login but things are not going as expected please be sure that you have "cookies enabled" and that you "turn off popup blocking." Generally an internet search with either of those phrases and the name of your browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc) will show directions. IRO can help with this step if needed: