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Math Assessment 

To complete your enrollment at Husson University for the upcoming semester, you'll need to take the Math Assessment. This online test is designed to assess your math skills so that we can place you in a math course where you can be successful and learn useful new skills. It's not an exam you need to study for or one that you can “fail.”

A lower score will simply place you a lower-level course where your confidence and skills can grow. Consequently, you may need to take additional math courses until you attain the minimum outcome for your major. A higher score will place you in a higher-level course where you will master new skills that will make other courses easier for you.

When do I need to take it?
Please complete the Math Assessment as soon as you are able. You are issued a voucher via email (to your Husson email address) that has an expiration date on it. If you are unable to complete the test by that date, a new voucher will be emailed to your Husson email address.

How long will it take?
This assessment on average takes students about 40 minutes, but there is no time limit. The initial test is 20 questions, and depending on how you do on the first 20 questions, you may be taken to a second set of 20 questions. These are to further assess your math level and make sure you are placed into the correct class.

Do I really need to take the test?
Yes, all newly accepted students need to take the Math Assessment unless they are transferring college credit equivalent to one of the following courses:

  • MS141 Contemporary College Algebra
  • MS180 Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry
  • MS181 Calculus with Applications
  • MS182 Calculus I

Important Information to know

  • The math placement test is taken on your computer or laptop. You must use Chrome for the browser when taking the test.
  • An email from ACCUPLACER is sent to your Husson email address which contains a voucher code and all the instructions for registering and taking the test.
  • The assessment is proctored via screen share and a recorded session that is reviewed at a later time.
  • You will need a quiet room, blank scratch paper and a pencil or pen for the test
  • If a calculator can be used on the question, an icon will appear on the screen – you are not allowed to use an outside calculator and are only allowed your scratch paper and a pencil or pen
  • You can only access the assessment via emails sent to you – there is no website to go. The test is given through Accuplacer, and remotely proctored through Examity. The email you receive from ACCUPLACER contains ALL of the information you need to register for the test – please read it carefully.
  • If you encounter a connection error while taking the test, try hitting the “log out” button on Examity and logging back in – this often fixes issues
  • Once you have completed the test, your score is sent to Husson and we will register you for the appropriate math class
  • If you require disability accommodations, please contact Accessibility Services (, 207-973-1017) to make a request.

For questions regarding this process, please contact:

For more information

Phone and Email Address
Kari Bily Kari Bily
Administrative Specialist
122 Beardsley Meeting House
Husson University
1 College Circle
Bangor, Maine 04401