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FAQs on Pharmacy

  1. Application and Pre-Pharmacy
  2. CLEP/AP Credit/ACT/SAT
  3. Cost/Fees/Financial Aid
  4. Foreign Credits
  5. Grades/Repeats
  6. Housing/Off-campus
  7. PCAT
  8. P-4 Year/Rotations
  9. Pharmacy Program

Application and Pre-Pharmacy

When is your application deadline?
The application and transcript deadline for PharmCAS is March 1, 2019. The Husson Graduate Pharmacy Application deadline is August 1, 2019.

Would it be beneficial to apply early?
Yes, we encourage you to apply early. 

Do you require interviews?
Yes, interviews are required. Candidates will be invited to campus for interviews and expenses associated with the interview are the responsibility of the student.

Is there a writing portion?
Yes, there is a writing requirement associated with the PCAT examination and a timed writing assignment associated with the on-campus interview process.

Are letters of recommendations required?
Yes. Three letters of recommendation are required.

When do you start accepting applications?
Applications for the entering class of 2021 are currently being accepted through the ParmCAS application process and the Husson graduate application.

Are applicants who hold bachelor's (or higher) degrees favored in your application process?
At this time there is no preference given to applicants who hold a bachelor's degree (or higher).

What part or parts of the application do you place the most emphasis on?
Currently offers for admission are based on grades received in the pre-requisite science and math courses, PCAT scores, repeated coursework, a faculty interview, a group case study and a timed writing associated with the case study.

What advice do you normally give students to strengthen their applications if they do not get accepted?
Retake courses in science and math that you have earned a C or less, and/or retake the PCAT for a higher score.

Do you offer admissions at any other time than the Fall semester?

I took my classes a long time ago. Will my classes still count for the pre-pharmacy requirements?
There is a five-year age limit on the Math and Science (Biology and Chemistry). However, we will take into consideration what an applicant has done since taking those courses (e.g., advanced college coursework, work history). We will accept all other prerequisites (e.g., English, Economics, Psychology/Sociology, etc.) no matter how long ago they were completed. If you have any questions concerning the acceptability of any of your courses, please contact the Director of Graduate Admissions at 207.404.5660.

How do I go about having my educational/employment history evaluated to determine my pre-pharmacy status?
You may send a copy of your transcripts (unofficial is fine for this purpose) and/or your resume to: Graduate Admissions, Husson University, 1 College Circle, Bangor, ME 04401. For further questions, contact Graduate Admissions at 207.404.5660 or Please include a phone number and/or email address for a quicker response.

Is there any advantage to going to Husson for pre-pharmacy?
Yes. Husson students who earn a 3.5 or greater math/science pre-pharmacy GPA and score at least an 80th percentile on the PCAT are automatically offered an admissions interview. The interview guarantee will be given to Husson students who enroll at Husson University as freshman, take all courses at Husson, and complete the pre-pharmacy requirements on schedule. Husson students who have had to delay their academic progress for extenuating circumstances but meet all other requirements for a guaranteed interview can appeal to the Student Affairs Committee of the School of Pharmacy.

What are your residency requirements?
As Husson is a private university, there are no residency requirements.


Do you require high school transcripts and ACT or SAT scores?

Do you accept AP or CLEP credit?
Advanced Placement (AP)/CLEP credits in Science and Math courses cannot be applied towards meeting the admissions requirements for the School of Pharmacy at Husson University. A student may take a more advanced course of comparable credits in the same area (e.g., Calculus 2, Genetics) in place of the required course. However, for Chemistry and Biology, the more advanced course must have a laboratory component. Applicants must have three-quarters of the Biology, three-quarters of the Chemistry, and one-half of the Math completed at the time of submission of the application. This includes either the standard courses or advanced class choices for those with AP/CLEP credit. We will accept AP/CLEP credit in the non-math, non-biology, non-chemistry pre-pharmacy courses (e.g., Spanish, English, History).

I have AP credit in General Chemistry. Can Organic Chemistry be considered the "advanced" course?
No. Organic Chemistry is a separate requirement.

Cost/Fees/Financial Aid

Do you offer financial aid?
Yes. You can find out more about what Husson University has to offer by contacting its Financial Aid Office. Assuming the application for federal student aid (FAFSA) has been completed, students admitted to the program will receive a separate letter from the university outlining the financial aid awards they have received.

Are there scholarships awarded for Pharmacy students?
Yes, at this time there are pharmacy specific scholarships. External scholarship opportunities may be viewed at, by following the "Students" link.

Foreign Credits

Do you accept OAC credits from Canada?

Is the TOEFL/TSE required?
An IBT minimum TOEFL of 80 or equivalent is required if the undergraduate prerequisites were completed in a country where English is not the primary language.

What if I have a pharmacy degree from another country?
We will not accept those credits for meeting our pre-pharmacy requirements. You may be eligible for licensure as a pharmacist in the U.S. by passing the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination (FPGEE) and the North American Pharmacy Licensure Examination (NAPLEX). To find out more information, you can visit the following website:

Do you accept pre-pharmacy credits from foreign countries?
Yes, but international transcripts must be evaluated by one of the members of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services ( ). The student is responsible for all fees associated and must select an evaluation which can be used for university admission, transfer credit and professional licensure. Canadian applicants are not required to submit their transcripts to this service.


What is the lowest grade you will accept for a pre-pharmacy course?
C (2.0)

Is there a penalty for repeating classes?
There is a penalty for repeating science or math courses with grades below a C (2.0).

Is it difficult to get in if I have repeats on my record?
Yes. A few students with repeats (i.e., have earned a grade below a 2.0 in math or science courses) would be expected to make it into the program each year. However, they will probably need better than average GPA's and PCAT scores.

Do you look at grades from other courses besides the pre-pharmacy courses?


What is the housing situation like in Bangor?
Students may live on campus in student housing or they may secure their own off-campus housing. On-campus housing is available on a first come-first served basis with the best chance for on-campus housing going to applications received prior to June 10.

What is the housing situation like in the last year of the program when students are off-campus?
Students are responsible for securing their own housing and transportation.


Is the PCAT required or encouraged?


How long are my PCAT scores good for?
For the fall of 2019 entering class, PCAT composite scores from June of 2016 through April 2019 will be accepted.

Does Husson have a minimum score requirement for the PCAT?

No, but a composite score of at least 20% is preferred.

P-4 Year/Rotations

How long are the clerkship rotations in the last year of the program?

The Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences last for six weeks each. Students must complete four (4) required and two (2) elective APPE rotations prior to graduation. This may take longer than eight months as many students will have one or more months off during their last year.

Where are these rotation sites?
We have sites throughout New England and some in Canada.

Can a rotation be outside of Husson' network?
Yes, but only the elective rotations. It is up to you to find a qualified site and an acceptable pharmacist who is willing to be your preceptor.

Pharmacy Program

Do you have a part-time program?

Do you have an abbreviated Pharm.D. program for pharmacists with a B.S. degree?

Do you offer an Internet pharmacy program?
No, but some of our courses will be enhanced with Internet tools and resources.

Does your program consist of 6 professional curriculum years or 2 pre-pharmacy years with a continuation into the 4 professional years?
Our professional program is four (4) years in length, three (3) years of didactic and Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) and one (1) year of Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE). The pre-pharmacy requirements are designed to be completed in two (2) years.

Do you have a graduate program in your college?
Yes. We offer a Master of Science in Pharmacology.

Do I need a computer?
Yes. Specific computer requirements will be forwarded to you prior to enrolling.

What is the difference between a Pharm.D. and a Ph.D. degree?
A Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy) degree is a entry-level professional degree. It is a practice-oriented degree that is required when applying for a pharmacist license. A Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) degree is one that has a heavy research component, requiring a major research project and a defense of a written dissertation. This degree is an option to pursue for our graduates. However, they would have to pursue it at another university since this degree is not offered at Husson University.

Will graduates from your program get the title of "Doctor"?

What is the job market like for PharmD graduates?
Currently, there is a shortage of pharmacist around the state and the country. Most graduates have little problem securing employment, with many having multiple offers.

What is your class size?