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Drew, Deborah, Ed. D.
Director, Graduate Counseling Programs
101E Living Learning Center
(207) 992-4912(o)
Duron, Robert W. (Bobby), Ph.D., C.P.A.
Associate Professor, School of Accounting
244 Peabody Hall
(207) 941-7040(o)
(207) 941-7988(f)
Durost, Reid
Sports Information Assistant, Athletic Department
Durrah, Keith
Game Management, Athletic Department
Eastman, Todd, M.F.A.
Assistant Professor of Digital Filmmaking, NESCOM
101 D Wildey Communications Center
Easton, John, M.B.A.
Video Production Coordinator / Video Instructor, NESCOM
112 Wildey Communications Center
(207) 951-4901(o)
Eddy, Laurie B., B.S.N., M.S.N., F.N.P.
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
228 Commons
(207) 941-7056(o)
(207) 992-2207(f)
Egland, Steven, M.A.
International Student Immigration Advisor, International Student Immigration Affairs
204 Peabody Hall
(207) 941-7085(o)
(207) 941-7084(f)
Emmott, Benjamin
Assistant Football Coach
Fabri, Richard, M.S. Ed.
Assistant Professor, Sports Management
287 Peabody Hall
Fairbank, Jodie, B.S., M.A.
Assistant Professor, School of Legal Studies
299 Peabody Hall
(207) 941-7012(o)
Fekete, Geza
Northern Maine Experiential Education Coordinator, School of Pharmacy
Husson Presque Isle
(207) 760-1177(o)
Fellis, Liana
Associate Director, Financial Aid
128 O'Donnell Commons
(207) 941-7156(o)
(207) 941-7935(f)
Fenders, Nancy
126 Peabody Hall
(207) 941-7153(o)
(207) 941-7151(f)
Ferguson, Cecile
Office Manager, School of Physical Therapy
328 Commons
(207) 941-7101(o)
(207) 941-7883(f)
Ferguson, Eric, M.F.A.
Director of Audio Program, NESCOM
201 B Wildey Communications Center
(207) 992-1938(o)
Ferrill, Tina
Administrative Assistant to the Fieldwork Coordinator, Occupational Therapy
314 O'Donnell Commons
(207) 973-1050(o)
Fiore, Jill
Director of Marketing, Office of Advancement
138 Beardsley Meeting House
(207) 941-7140(o)
Fitzgerald, Janet
Administrative Assistant, Occupational Therapy
328 O'Donnell Commons
(207) 973-1078(o)
Fitzpatrick, Thomas, DBA
Director, School of Business & Management
240 Peabody Hall
(207) 941-7177(o)