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Open Close - Attend Open House on November 13
Students walking on campus of Husson University

Learning Center Tutoring

Appointments at the Learning Center can be scheduled and accessed by using our online scheduling systems here

The Learning Center, located in Peabody 208 on the Bangor Campus, will be closed to in-person appointments for the remainder of the semester.  

A small group of students study together

The Learning Center is a student-central resource dedicated to providing tutoring for both general undergraduate classes and degree-specific courses. The atmosphere is laid-back, with peer-tutors who have complained about chemistry, understand the pain of physics, and are aware of the agony of algebra - just like you. Have questions about your homework? Need help studying for a test? Want some advice on study skills? Come on in...we can help with all of that! Plus, the service is totally free!! So come by and grab a cup of coffee while you finish your homework, prepare for that midterm or get some help with your time-management'll be glad you did!

The Learning Center provides tutoring for many courses including:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Chemistry
  • College math courses
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Statistics
  • Spanish
  • Tutors for additional subjects are added as needed

    There are also tutors available with experience in degree-specific classes including criminal justice, physical therapy, nursing, pharmacy, and more.

    Supplemental Instruction is also offered for many science courses. Supplemental instructors are also students who have mastered course content and have the ability to effectively communicate this information. Each week these students hold group re-teaching sessions to review course content taught that week.

The Learning Center is staffed by both faculty and student tutors. Student Tutors in the center are hired based on their mastery of the subject matter as certified by Husson faculty, and are required to carry a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. These tutors are current Husson students who have completed courses with excellent grades and have a strong ability to communicate this knowledge to their peers.

Name Phone and Email Address
Learning Center 207.973.1097
210 Peabody Hall