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An aerial view of the Husson University campus


1. How do I contact Career Services?

Students are welcome to stop by between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm, we are located in 201 Peabody Hall on Husson University's Bangor Campus. You may also call the office at 207.404.5618 or email


2. What can parents do to help their student with their career development during their time at Husson?

The best approach you can take as a parent is to communicate and listen to your student. Encourage them to explore their options and use the resources available in Career Services and on our website. It is our hope that students will begin using our office as soon as they arrive on campus as outlined in our 4-year plan. 


3. Can Career Services help students choose a major?

Absolutely. A student's career decision can take time and lots of exploration. Career assessments and a career counselor can help get that process started and help the student clarify their interests, values, and skills. Not knowing is okay, we are here to help each student explore their options and encourage them to discuss assessment results to determine where their next step may lead. We also help students connect with professionals in their fields of interest to learn more.


4. I chose a major at Husson, but what if I end up not liking it?

Declaring a major is a big decision, and certainly one that is not set in stone. One way to learn whether or not a student is interested in a particular major is to try it. Many students change their major at least once during their time here and that is okay. We encourage students to make informed decisions based on their experience, research and knowledge of how they like to work. It's also why we are here, to provide students with resources that guide their career direction.


5. What other services does Career Services offer?

Selecting a major, though an immensely important step, is step number one. During your student's time here at Husson they will probably need a résumé, cover letter, interviewing and networking skills, an internship, and help with the job search process. We also help students who are considering Graduate School search for programs and get ready for interviews. Those are all services we provide for students here in Career Services, not only are these services available to current students; they are available for Alumni as well. We do more than just get a student to graduation, we want to help them succeed beyond it. Our services are free to all Husson Graduates for life.


6. How important is it for students to complete an internship before or immediately following graduation at Husson?

Here at Husson there is a large focus on experiential education. We strongly encourage students to participate in an internship. In fact, most majors here on campus require an internship and it is built right into the curriculum and students get credit for completing it. An internship is a great way to see what a job is like in a hands on setting and make a few connections while you're at it!


7. Where can students see available job and internship postings?

At Husson Career Services, our Husson Eagle Career Link powered by College Central Network is where we house all of our exclusive job and internships postings. Students and alumni can sign up for free and gain access to job/internship postings, career advice articles, and virtual events that our office hosts throughout the year. We encourage students to sign up as soon as possible.


8. Can I post a job/internship with Career Services?

Absolutely, we welcome and appreciate support from parents, alumni, and employers. If you or your employer would like to recruit Husson students we encourage you to use the Husson Eagle Career Link. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you need help getting set up.


9. Does Career Services host events on campus?

Yes! We have great programming throughout the year that is available to students including career panels, career fairs, workshops, and presentations. We also have begun to include virtual events to accommodate more people. We work hard to make sure our programs and events fit the needs of our Husson students and help them become career-ready. Encourage your student to keep up to date by following our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. 


10. Is Career Services open during the summer?

Yes we are! Is your student taking a summer course or looking to work on their résumé while on summer break? We are still here and willing to assist students with any of their career-related needs during the summer. We also do phone or video appointments if students are at a distant site. Please feel free to stop by or make an appointment!


11. What is Career Services' role in finding students a job after graduation?

We are here every step of the way. We can help students build a résumé, practice their interviews and search for jobs in their field. Here at Husson we also work hard to bring many employers to campus to give our students an opportunity to network and get their name out there.  Other questions? Stop by! We are more than willing to aid students in any way we know how; we work hard to meet the needs of all students and hope to aid in the success of all Husson graduates.