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Success Coaching

Success coaching is designed to empower students in planning, organization, time management, learning strategies, and study habits. Success Coaching is not an accommodation, but a support service offered to our students who receive accommodations. Students can elect to participate in coaching, and it is not mandatory or punitive.

More about Success Coaching

Success Coaching at Husson University is an individualized, collaborative, and dynamic process of addressing students’ specific needs and personal goals. Coaching focuses on a student’s strengths and identifies strategies to help students overcome obstacles, be strong self-advocates, and build self-determination. Together, a student and coach proactively work towards students successfully carrying out their daily life activities at college in a goal-oriented way. 

Success Coaching can:

  • Assist students in figuring out their college strengths, challenges, and needed support. 
  • Offer academic support skills and core self-management strategies.
  • Provide support and feedback while students use these skills and strategies in college.
  • Give non-judgmental accountability as students work to meet their goals.
  • Connect students to other relevant campus resources.


  • Partner with their coach to determine what works and what doesn't.
  • Have autonomy in decision-making and topics of coaching discussions.
  • Become an expert in how they learn, manage their time, and fully participate in college.

Q: Who is eligible to participate? 

A: Success coaching is a program designed for students registered with Accessibility Services, with academic barriers related to ADHD, Autism, or other areas of neurodiversity. Students opt-in to participate and it is never mandated. 


Q: Can online students participate? 

A: Yes, students from the online division registered with Accessibility Services can access success coaching virtually. 


Q: Are there similar support services offered to all students? 

A: There is a plethora of student success support offered within the Center for Student Success, including tutoring and peer advising support. To learn more visit the  Center for Student Success. 


Q: Who can I talk to more about this? 

A: Contact Kristin Tripp at to set up a meeting and to learn more. 

How to get started

To learn more about Success Coaching please visit Accessibility Services in the Center for Student Success. To sign up for Success Coaching, click here to make an appointment with Kristin. 

For more information

Phone and Email Address
Kristin Tripp Kristin Tripp
Success Coach for Accessibility Services
203 Peabody Hall
Husson University
1 College Circle
Bangor, Maine 04401