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Pregnancy and Parenting

Pregnant and Parenting Students

Accessibility Services is committed to creating an accessible learning environment for pregnant and parenting students, in compliance with Title IX.  Accommodations (adjustments) may be needed for pregnant and parenting students. Adjustments based on pregnancy-related needs may include: 

  • Larger desk 
  • Ability to have water
  • Breaks from class
  • Access to elevators
  • Rescheduling of tests or exams
  • Submitting work after a deadline missed due to pregnancy or childbirth
  • Recognized absences (due to pregnancy, childbirth, adoption, etc.). 

To request accommodations or adjustments related to pregnancy

Please complete the Pregnancy Adjustment Form.   Accessibility Services may ask for documentation that supports requested accommodations. Adjustments are determined on a case by case basis. 

Students with medical restrictions such as bed rest will be accommodated where practical, and at times may necessitate an incomplete in individual courses or a leave of absence from the University.  Coordinated support will be provided in these situations amongst Accessibility Services, the Title IX Coordinator, and the Dean of Student Success.  Students seeking support with the timing of returning to studies following giving birth may need to seek guidance from a medical professional.