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Students walking on campus of Husson University

Sophos Antivirus

What is Sophos?

Sophos is the antivirus that Husson provides for all staff, student, and faculty machines.

Sophos runs by itself in the background of most Husson machines. You do not need to start Sophos or interact with it in any real fashion. In most cases, the only reason you should even know it is there is because of a warning message.

Sophos Available for Free Home and Personal Use

A free, fully-functional version of Sophos is available to all Husson faculty, staff, and students for their own personal use.

To install Sophos on a personal Windows-based computer

  1. Log into your Husson Gmail account here:
  2. Click here to save the file to your computer.
  3. Open this file and run "SophosEndpoint.exe" inside.
  4. Immediately after installing, you will need to leave your computer connected to the Internet for several minutes so that Sophos can run updates.

To download Sophos for a Mac, visit