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Students walking on campus of Husson University

Wildey Communications Center

Wildey Communications Center

Wildey Communication Center Hours
Open seven days a week 8AM-1AM

The Wildey Communications Center, centerpiece of the New England School of Communications experience, is the "digital environment" necessary to succeed in today's high-tech world.

Built in 2001, the WCC is filled with media facilities for students. Classrooms, a television studio, an audio engineering studio, control rooms, video editing production suites, and newsroom are just some of the facilities that are inside. In addition, students operate WHSN-FM, the award-winning Husson University campus radio station and on-campus cable Channel 5 with studios in the Wildey Communication Center.


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Equipment Distribution Center (EDC) Hours
Monday-Friday 8-9:30AM 11AM-1PM 4-7PM 9-11pm and Saturdays & Sundays 2-4PM 9-11PM

The building also houses the Equipment Distribution Center, a hub of mobile gear for students to use in field productions of video, audio engineering, digital photography and journalism.