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The exterior of the Wellness Learning Center

Counseling Services - FAQ for Parents

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of services do you offer?

Counseling Services offers time-limited individual, group and couples counseling free to all students at Husson University. We work with students who wish to improve their mood and function, and offer assistance with transitioning to college, managing stress, having difficulties with relationships, mental health issues, or students who just need a space to work through challenges.

What does my son/daughter have to do in order to obtain services?

All a student has to do is walk in or call. They can be seen by any of our three staff members. If a student prefers to have a male or female, they can make that known and we always try to accommodate their request.

What if I think my son/daughter needs counseling? What can I do?

You can encourage your son/daughter to contact us or walk in to set up an appointment.

Can I set up an appointment for my son/daughter?

No. Obtaining counseling services is an individual decision. If you feel like your son/daughter may benefit from counseling, talk to them. Explain your thoughts and feelings. Remember, they are adults now, beginning to make their own decisions and only they can decide if counseling is a service they wish to obtain. Ultimately, the choice is theirs.

Are services confidential?

We provide confidential services. This means that NO information about the student is shared with parents, teachers, administrators, doctors, residential directors/assistants, etc., unless there is a release signed by the student. The student also gets to determine what kind of information is shared when they sign a release.

Will I know if my son/daughter has utilized the services at the counseling center?

In general, unless your son/daughter lets you know that they are utilizing services, you will not know. Your son/daughter is protected under HIPAA law and therefore we cannot inform you if they are receiving services unless they specifically sign a release form that states that this is the case.

My son/daughter has a mental health diagnosis. Are your counselors trained to work with him/her?

Our staff is experienced and licensed by the state of Maine to provide mental health services. All staff are trained and have several years of experience working with various mental health diagnoses.

Who do I call if I'm concerned about my son/daughter?

First and foremost, call your child. If you are not able to reach them and are concerned about their well-being, contact Residence Life and see if their Resident Director could touch base with them and tell them to call you. If you are seriously concerned about their welfare, contact Safety and Security at 207-941-7911.

Do you prescribe medications?

We do not provide medication. If we feel a student requires a referral for medication we often send them to Student Health Services to get assessed by one of the nurse practitioners. If your son/daughter is already on medication, we can help identify if there may be a problem with the medication and will consult with the prescriber provided a release is signed by the student.

What happens if my son/daughter experiences a crisis or emergency? Do you have counselors on call?

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. If there is a crisis after hours, the student can call the community crisis line at 1-888-568-1112, go to one of the two local emergency rooms (St. Joseph or Eastern Maine Medical Center), or call 911. If a student is in crisis and lives on campus they can utilize the Resident Assistants, Resident Directors, or campus security available 24/7. Our staff is informed of any crises that have occurred during after-hours and students are strongly recommended, and sometimes required, to come in to touch base with us after they have experienced a crisis.