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Resident Resources

Residence Life is committed to providing a supportive and educational environment for all residents in our halls. With this in mind, we know that there are difficult residential situations that may impact your success inside and outside the classroom. In an effort to assist with these challenging moments, please see below for information about options and resources that may be helpful.

Room Change Requests

There may be times when a resident's living situation becomes challenging due to issues with the resident's roommate or the community. Changes are not guaranteed and are generally based on availability of space and on a first-come, first-served policy. Residence Life encourage residents to resolve differences and to grow through the roommate experience. Your Resident Assistant and Resident Director are helpful resources in mediating roommate disputes before a room change is necessary and utilizing these resources may be required prior to approval for a room change.

For administrative reasons, there is a period at the beginning of each semester during which room changes will normally not be considered in order to verify occupancy and identify vacancies. Additionally, Residence Life believes that continual room changes are a disruption to the formation of strong and healthy communities. Therefore, room change requests will be reviewed and approved when it is reasonable to do so.

You may use the form below to submit your Room Change Request. Please remember that requests to change rooms are not guaranteed.  Your request will be reviewed and a staff member will contact you should we have any questions about your request or in result of your request. Please do not change rooms (including swapping with another individual, or moving to an empty room within your suite/townhouse) without prior written approval from a staff member. If at any time, you have a question about the status of your request, you may contact your Resident Director.

If a room change is approved, the resident will be given information that details the actual process of moving rooms. In general, residents are expected to complete room changes within 72 hours. After the room change has been successfully completed the student's account will be updated to reflect the prorated difference in room cost for the new assignment. In addition, any damages discovered upon check-out from the original assignment may also be billed to the student's account.

If you are interested in a single room, this is a different process. Please see below for more information about our Single Request process.

Room Change Request Form

Single Room Requests

Residence Life understands that for a variety of reasons, residents may prefer a single room. At certain times during the academic year, demand for single rooms exceeds the amount of available rooms. Predicting when single rooms are available is also challenging and is the reason Residence Life employs the use of a Single Request Form.

Students who are eligible for the single room waitlist must be Husson University residents with an assignment for the term they are requesting a single room. To confirm your assignment, students can visit their MyHousing portal.

Once you submit your single room request, Residence Life will confirm your eligibility and contact you as availability arises. Please keep in mind the following:

  • You will be offered a single room in the order in which your request was received as single rooms become available that meet your preferences. 
  • Once a single room is offered via email, you will generally have 2-3 business days to accept.
  • Due to the difficulty in predicting where and when singles will become available, Residence Life is unable to guarantee that your hall preference will be met.
  • If the single is not accepted or is declined, you will receive a second offer when the next single becomes available. Should you decline or not accept the second offer, your name will be removed from the single room waitlist.
  • After you accept and have been assigned to a single, your new assignment will be available on your MyHousing Portal.
  • Your student account will be updated to reflect the prorated difference in room cost for the new assignment.
  • If you move to a more expensive room type, you will be responsible for those additional charges.
  • If you do not move by the specified date/time, your offer may be rescinded.
  • If you do not return your keys to your original room by the specified date/time, you will be billed for a room/suite recore.
Single Room Request Form

Extended Stay Requests

Residence Life understands that students may have extenuating circumstances which require an extended stay at the beginning or end of a semester. The dates for residency are documented for the academic year in your Housing and Board Agreement. While individual requests outside of normal occupancy dates are generally not approved, any requests will be reviewed by the Office of Residence Life on an individual basis. Please note that those who are part of an athletic team or academic group will be communicated to Residence Life through the coaching or administrative staff for each program. If you believe this applies to you, please contact your coach or administrator to confirm your early arrival to campus.

The Office of Residence Life will be in contact via email with a decision regarding your Early Arrival, as soon as staff are able. If approved, the email will include details regarding your Early Arrival. For those approved, please note the following:

  • There is a cost associated with approval based on the length of your stay outside of the contracted dates;
  • Services including, but not limited to, regular custodial services, dining services, residence hall offices, and mail delivery may be limited or unavailable during your stay outside of the contracted dates;
  • Work being done in campus facilities may create temporary inconveniences;
  • Residents approved for an extended stay may not allow others who have not been previously authorized, including guests and roommate(s), to occupy residence hall space;
  • Unapproved individuals will be asked to leave the building and may be billed for dates in residence;
  • Residents approved for an extended stay must abide by all campus and Residence Life policies that are applicable during the regular contract period

There are a few standard reasons for requesting an extended stay. Please see below for those reasons, to assist you in completing your request:

  • On Campus Employment – residents who have a position on campus that requires you to arrive early or stay late. Your supervisor will need to email with their approval, in addition to your completion of the form.
  • Academic Obligations – residents who are required to arrive early or stay late due to a class or academic reason. Residence Life may reach out to learn more about your obligations.
  • Extended Travel – residents who are travelling internationally or long-distance domestically.
  • Sibling of Incoming Husson First Year Resident – residents who have a sibling who will be a first year student residing on campus. The sibling’s name will need to be provided for confirmation.
  • Other - For reasons other than those listed above, the student must be able to demonstrate that a significant reason requires an extended stay. Residence Life may reach out to learn more about your request.

Statement of Understanding for Extended Stay Requests:

For all extended stay requests, there are a few important considerations to understand before submitting.

  • I understand that submission of an extended stay request does not guarantee an approval for a request.
  • Due to summer operations, a request may be limited or denied.
  • I understand that there may be a charge involved with my request, if approved.
  • I understand that Residence Hall and university policies remain in effect through the extended stay period.
  • I understand guests will be prohibited through the extended stay period.

To request an Early Arrival or Late Departure, view the forms located on the MyHousing portal under Applications and Request Forms near the beginning and end of each semester.

Statement of Understanding for All Room Changes:

For all room changes, single or otherwise, it is critical that students understand their role and responsibility within these processes. Please read the following points below, carefully:

  • I understand that I am responsible for the terms and conditions of my Housing and Board Agreements, which is binding for an entire academic year.
  • I am aware that submitting this request does not guarantee that my request will be approved.
  • I understand that I will be added to a waitlist if there are no open spaces.
  • I understand that I cannot move until provided with permission to do so by the Office of Residence Life.
  • I understand that, if my request is approved, my student account will be updated to reflect the prorated difference in room cost for the new assignment. This rate will be based on the date I check out of my original space.  If I move to a more expensive room type, I will be responsible for those additional charges.