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Packing List

What can you bring?

To assist you in making your room your “home away from home,” the following lists are provided for your review and consideration. These lists are not meant to be inclusive of everything you need. Once you receive your room assignment, it is recommended that you contact your roommate and talk about who is bringing what – for example, you may not want to try to fit two tv’s, two stereos, etc. in your room.

The Basics

Extra Long Twin Sheets Pillow, Blanket/Comforter
Mattress Pad
Towels and Washcloths
Laundry Basket & Supplies
Small Fan
Surge Protector or Power Strip
Grounded Extension Cords
Alarm Clock
Hair Dryer
Toiletries/Shower Caddy/Shower Footwear     
Prescription Medication
Seasonal Clothing
Radio/Stereo/Television/DVD Player
Full Length Mirror
Vacuum, Sweeper, Broom
Posters/Wall Hangings 
Pens, Pencils, Highlighters
Sticky Tack/Poster Putty                 
Cell Phone

One MicroChill® will be provided in each residence hall room



First Aid Kit
Swim Wear/Gym Wear
Sewing/Repair kit
Iron/Ironing Board
Video Game Console/Games
Storage Containers
Disposable Dinner Ware
Cups/Coffee Mugs
Paper Towels
Stapler, Staples, & Paperclips


What not to bring

Cooking Appliances toaster, toaster ovens
Hot Plates grills, griddles,
Popcorn makers
Electric Heaters
Halogen Lamps/Bulbs
Refrigerators (larger than 3.2 cubic feet)
Personal wireless routers*
Large Home Entertainment Systems
Knives, Throwing Stars
Firearms, Ammunitions, Blow Darts
Non-Grounded Extension Cords
Explosives, Firecrackers, Fireworks
Air or Gas Operated Pellet Guns
Power Water Guns
Candles, Wax Burners, Incense
Water Beds
Large Furniture
Dart Boards

* Personal access points/router and other devices which interfere with Husson’s data network are not permitted; where such devices are found connected to the network, data access to that location will be disabled.