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Husson University Southern Maine

Student Support System

Husson’s Student Support System-Online
Husson’s Student Support System is a group of services that are beyond the traditional teaching tools (e.g. Lectures, PP slides, videos, team based exercises, textbooks, guest speakers, online lesson plans and exercises, etc.) that the PM Program provides to its students free of charge. Examples of the Supports are: a PM library with over 140 books, videos and software, a compendium of  useful PM web pages culled from several thousand individual pages, opportunities to network with professionals in the field, an introduction to PM local area employment opportunities, and internships. Several of these aids are described below.  

Useful Project Management Web Pages

The first component of the Student Support System is the Useful PM Web Pages Report. It is a consolidated summary of the most valuable components of 28,000+ individual web pages. It resembles a Kayak system report wherein the best price for a hotel room is extracted from multiple web pages and presented to the requestor. The report is subdivided into 13 classifications or search categories which represent the most important units of information in each examined web page. The concept of the report is to eliminate up front and side ads, mandatory sign ups, out of date or erroneous information, and repetitious marketing text from the great number of PM web pages. Examples of the information are:  PM 

Trend data, (past and future of the profession), free software demo packages, and reusable templates (forms). Numerous analytical approaches, methodologies, whitepapers, etc. The end product is one amalgamated "best practice web page” which saves student researchers a great deal of time in reviewing literally thousands of individual web pages. 

To demonstrate the value of the report seven subsets of the above referenced 13 categories have been selected for inclusion herein. The examples are as follows:

• PM Glossary Besides the glossary has many things the other pages don’t have (e.g. index of check lists, whitepapers, and Max’s Musings, etc.)

• PM Discussion Groups/Blogs - - needs to get a membership but students are free. Topics range from: people and projects, financial aspects of project PM nerds, voices in PM, game theory, PM networking – 25 blogs in all! 

• Free PM Magazines -  – they specialize in PM software and Agile techniques – they do a lot of critiquing of what software is on the market and what is being developed – Very insightful for people charged with finding a pm system for their firm

• Quizzes – Leadership Quiz - Do you have the qualities of a leader, or a follower? Many people prefer to be followers so they will not be responsible for others. Others see a new career opportunity and ask their boss to be their mentor.

• Team Building - Almost everyone wants to be part of a group or team so the interest in improving one’s Team Building skills will be high; Many people, however have built in defense mechanisms toward working in groups and may not be able to change their attitudes or approaches to unfamiliar situations without some help from the team leader and other team members. 

• PM and IT Methodologies - Capability Maturity Model  also used to explain project management Stages of Growth This methodology show how project management practices go thru a series of growth stages to reach the highest, most productive plateau (nirvana). At each stage the methodology describes what PM mgt. styles you are using and tells you what you have to do to move to the next stage.

• Cheap and easy to use PM Software – allows you to build a WBS then convert it to a schedule and listing of resource requirements. Two neat functions are it lets you convert your work in Kickstart to other PM scheduling systems (e.g. Sure Trak, SAS, MS Project, Oracle, etc.) and it allows you to do the entire planning and development process on one system.

• PM Templates and White Papers

Project Connections a good part of this page is free. Other premium parts cost $10/month. Excellent for finding sample scopes of work SOWs, task estimates and schedules that you can download and update; or for already developed report formats (templates) that allow you to fill in the input areas with your data. The page also provides white papers, estimating tools. Sample project organization charts and PM Jokes of the day,

PM Library

Below are selected samples of the titles of a few of the 140 volumes in the Husson’s PM library:

• Best Practices of Project Management Groups In Large Functional Organizations by: Frank Toney, Ray Powers

• Framework for Project and Program Management Integration, A by: Max Wideman

• The Human Aspects of Project Management Series, By Vijay Verma

• Managing the Construction Process, by Frederick E. Gould

• PMBOK, by Project Management Institute, Fifth Edition

• Project Management: A Managerial Approach, By Jack Meredith nand Samual Mantel

• Effective Project Management, BY Robert Wysocki, Robert Beck and David Crane

• Project Management: A Systems Approach, By Harold Kerzner

• Earned Value Project Management, By Quentin Fleming and Joel Koppelman

• The ABCs of Design/Procurement/ Construction, by PMI's Design-Procurement-Construction- Specific Interest Group

• Achieving the Promise of Information Technology by: Ralph B. Sackman

Student Evaluations/Feedback

A sampling of the comments and feedback from students providing their opinion of the Husson Program:

The instructor’s knowledge of the industry (and his war stories) was a very valuable resource.

The Program covered all aspects of the PMP process. In addition it gave me the opportunity for further outreach and networking with the instructor.

It was an excellent use of my time!

The instructor was a great presenter.

The class presented very practical uses of the tools of the profession.

Your real life experiences helped me understand.

You dispelled the myths about the PM field.

Your approach was compatible with our work environment.

The instructor was easy to learn from.

You helped us embrace change.

You helped us launch a critical system.

Your involvement has been invaluable to achieving our business goals.

Your classes and instructors are better than those of a large (Management) firm.