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Husson University Southern Maine

Description of Course

Leadership Certificate Course: The Art & Science of Leadership

Through work-centered learning and anchored by a relevant strategic goal, participants build upon their behavioral strengths and integrate personal values into their leadership. Best practices are introduced through a well-thought-out process. Students will try out these skills in their workplace and reflect on what worked and what did not. With guidance from the instructor, participants learn from their own experiences, other team members and through applying the cognitive tools. By the end of the course a new set of actions is derived from a powerful visioning exercise that yields a bold vision of the participants' leadership future.

One 3-hour class 

In this mandatory class participants will prepare to administer an online 360 assessment to their colleagues at work. 360-degree feedback results will be delivered in the first class of Section 1. Topics include:

• Defining Leadership
• Behavioral Competencies
• Orientation to 360-degree online assessment


Seven 3-hour classes
Students will uncover their true behavioral strengths, professional aspirations, and their leadership effectiveness. The instructor helps the learner make sense of their self-discoveries and introduces them to leadership practices that lead to stronger relationships. Topics include:

• Identifying your Leadership Behavioral Strengths
• Uncovering what is Important to You
• Building a strategic 3-part Commitment
• Leadership Practice: Using Ongoing Regard to Show Appreciation
• Leadership Practice: Using Humble Inquiry to Ask Instead of Telling
• Leadership Practice: Defining the Coaching Leader Model
• Differentiating Coaching from other leader Interventions
• Assessing Who is Coachable
• Leadership Practice: Testing Assumptions Using the Ladder of Inference
• Leadership Practice: Deconstructing Conversations to Reveal New Perspectives
• Leadership Practice: Setting Clear Expectations in Holding Others Accountable
• Leadership Practice: Deepen Thinking Through Structured Reflection


Seven 3-hour sessions
Students will explore a new approach for providing feedback as an adaptive, ongoing process using leadership best practices introduced in Section 1. Leadership practices will also be put to use in arousing employees' natural motivations to create a highly motivated workplace and create opportunities for coaching moments. Reflection on learning is explored through a learning scorecard where participants examine the impact that using strengths, values, and best practices had on achieving their commitments. Topics include:

• Leadership Practice: Setting Clear Expectations in Holding Others Accountable
• Leadership Practice: Proving Effective Feedback through an Adaptive Process
• Creating a Feedback-Friendly Environment
• Examining the Six Dimensions of Workplace Motivation
• Leadership Practice: Mutual Inquiry through Posing Questions to Deepen Thinking
• Leadership Practice: Creating and Capitalizing on Coaching Moments
• Leadership Practice: Making Decisions in Times of Uncertainty
• Leadership Practice: Thinking Partners: Using Reciprocal, Empathetic Inquiry
• Examining your Leadership Purpose
• Creating a Bold Vision