School of Business and Management

A historical leader in business, IT and management education, committed to preparing students for business and IT careers in the State of Maine and beyond.

Our mission is to educate, enable and empower students to be critical thinkers who can attain their goals and excel when faced with challenges in the business professions.  This mission is achieved through highly qualified faculty who have experience in the business world and by experiential learning in and outside the classroom.  Students can choose from two, four and five year programs in business administration, business studies, business & technology and information technology.  Classes can be taken online, in class or in a combination of the two depending upon the program chosen.

Business Administration

The undergraduate Business Administration majors, leading to A.S., B.S. and dual BS/MBA degrees, prepare learners for challenging careers in a variety of business fields.  In addition to the general business administration degree that provides flexibility for taking electives in diverse areas of study, students may concentrate in: entrepreneurship/small business management, financial management, international business, management, marketing, and retail management.  In most programs, students seeking to earn their MBA can do so in conjunction with their B.S. degree in just 5 years.  

The Master of Business Administration emphasizes the integration of theory and practice to train
current and future administrators.  Professional courses focus on the most current concerns facing business administrators including: legal issues, finance, accounting, human resources, managing change, strategic planning and policy making.

Business Studies

The undergraduate Business Studies major, leading to an A.S. degree, allows students to choose a variety of electives to help them attain their early career or career changing goals.  This A.S. degree program also segues into a B.S. degree in Business Administration or other College of Business majors.

Business & Professional Studies

The undergraduate Business and Professional Studies major, leading to a B.S. degree, is designed for students who have attended a Community College and concentrated on an area other than business.  Various technology degrees, such as in automotive, building or welding can be evaluated for transfer credits into this program of study to allow for students to expand their knowledge for opening a business or working in their field of choice that has interaction with the business world.

Information Technology

The Information Technology programs include two degree tracks.  The undergraduate Computer Information Systems majors, leading to an A.S. or B.S. degree, prepares students for careers in computer programming, hardware, networking, and project management.  Students may also choose the undergraduate Software Development major, leading to a B.S. degree that prepares them for creating and modifying enterprise software or specialized utility programs.   

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