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Student working in the compounding lab at Husson University

BS Health Sciences/PharmD

You can earn both your baccalaureate degree and Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) in just six years through Husson University’s Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences/PharmD degree program. This program enables you to earn both a valuable undergraduate degree and an in-demand graduate degree more efficiently and economically than pursuing the two degrees separately.

The Doctor of Pharmacy is a versatile degree that enables you to help people live healthier lives through education and the dispensing of safe, effective medications. Pharmacy is widely regarded as a rewarding career field with high earning potential and great employment rates.

Program Overview

Husson University’s six-year PharmD/BS in Health Sciences degree program is designed for both first-year students and students transferring from 2- or 4-year institutions who have not met the prerequisites to enroll directly into the PharmD program. This program features a 2+4 format, which means students spend the first two years in a pre-professional phase before moving into the four-year professional phase. Students in this program can also choose to add the PharmD/Master of Business Administration (MBA) dual-degree option to their curriculum.

Enrolling in this program over pursuing the more traditional route of earning an undergraduate degree and a PharmD separately has multiple benefits:

  • Earning Your Degree Faster: Husson's PharmD/BS in Health Sciences program only takes six years to complete, while other, more traditional programs can take up to eight years to complete. Less time in school means less time incurring debt and more time spent building a successful and rewarding career.
  • Direct Entry Into PharmD Program: PharmD programs are highly competitive. As a student in our PharmD/BS in Health Sciences program, you are gauranteed direct entry into our PharmD program as long as you meet admissions requirements.
  • Best Value in Maine: H​usson offers the lowest net price of any NECHE accredited private college or university in Maine. And, approximately $800,000 in scholarships and grants are awarded annually to Pharmacy students.
  • Access to an Excellent Academic and Professional Program: Through this program, you’ll receive a strong foundational education in the sciences and develop the skills and experience necessary for a successful pharmacy career. You’ll also have access to state-of-the-art research and academic facilities, nationally renowned professors, small class sizes and several student professional pharmacy clubs and organizations.

Your time in this program will be split into two phases: the pre-professional phase and professional phase.



Pre-Professional Phase (2 years)

The first two years of the BS in Health Sciences program are considered the pre-professional phase, which is designed to provide you with the foundational study skills and knowledge you’ll need to be successful during the professional phase. You’ll take science and liberal arts courses in chemistry, biology, math, economics and communications. You will also have access to advisors and professors who will help you prepare for and transition to the next phase.

Professional Phase (4 years)

Husson pre-professional students who maintain the necessary GPA and have a successful interview will be guaranteed a seat in the professional phase of the pharmacy program. It’s during this phase that you will take advanced pharmacy courses, participate in hands-on clinical experiences and prepare for professional licensure exams.

PharmD/Master of Business Administration (MBA) Dual-Degree Option

Students in the PharmD/BS in Health Sciences program have the option of enrolling in one of two PharmD/MBA dual-degree program: PharmD/MBA - General and PharmD/MBA - Healthcare Management. These programs prepare you for management and administrative positions in both the healthcare and business sectors and have the potential of increasing your starting salary.

If you are already enrolled in the six-year PharmD/BS in Health Sciences program, you do not need to apply for the PharmD/MBA dual-degree program. To enter this program, you will need to work with your academic advisor to adjust your curriculum so you can complete the requirements for each academic degree.

How to Apply

You can apply to the six-year PharmD/BS in Health Sciences program using Slate or Common App. You are not required to submit an SAT/ACT score when applying to any of our undergraduate programs. For information on admissions requirements for our PharmD program, visit out Pharmacy Admissions Policies webpage.

Pharmacy Club

Husson University’s Pharmacy Club is geared toward students in the first and second year of the program. It is designed to provide insight into key aspects of the pre-professional to professional phase transition process while getting to know other students with similar professional goals. The club offers information and advising for prerequisite courses, required grade and GPA minimums, tips for the interview process and what to expect when entering the pharmacy program. The club organizes events that incorporate guest speakers so students are exposed to a wide variety perspectives and experiences.


BS in Health Science/PharmD majors take liberal arts and science classes during their first two years of study that are designed to give them a solid foundation for when they take advanced pharmacy courses. During the professional phase, you’ll participate in advanced pharmacy classes, labs and clinical experiences designed to directly prepare you for working as a pharmacist. You’ll take classes in pharmacology, pharmacotherapeutics, medicinal chemistry, pharmacy law, clinical drug interactions and more.

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Three Things You Need to Know

  1. You’ll learn from expert faculty and participate in small class sizes.
  2. Over $400,000 in scholarships and grants are award annually to Pharmacy students.
  3. The School of Pharmacy has over 25,000 sq.ft. of dedicated space that includes state-of-the-art academic spaces and research facilities.
Students work in a classroom setting with faculty

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