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Student working in lab

Focus on Faculty

Pharmaceutics Associate Professor Shuhua Bai, PhD

Meet Shuhua Bai, PhD, associate professor of pharmaceutics. Dr. Bai has been teaching in the School of Pharmacy since 2009. His research interest focuses on the development of nanoparticles for noninvasive delivery of therapeutic agents. Dr. Bai has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals, including Pharmaceutical Research, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Journal of Controlled Release.

What brought you to Husson University?
I was strongly attracted by the unique curriculum in our School of Pharmacy. It provides research opportunities through preclinical and practice-engaged studies to prepare the next generation of practitioners, educators and researchers.

What research are you currently conducting?
One of the major challenges still facing therapeutic drugs is appropriate delivery at effective concentrations in the desired temporal and spatial needs. Nanotechnologies have been applied in my studies for the delivery of novel molecules, such as chemotherapeutics, protein drugs, and small interfering RNAs, which have a short duration of action and/or low permeability across physiological barriers to disease sites in vivo. 

How is the pharmacy field changing?
The pharmacy profession is moving from traditional therapy into the realm of patient-centered healthcare, with advanced therapeutics in pharmacogenomics, gene delivery and biotechnologies. It gives professionals the opportunity to participate in personalized treatment for the patient.

What kind of hands-on project do your students work on?
Our pharmaceutics teaching lab prepares students to be ready to compound sterile and non-sterile prescriptions and strengthens students’ understanding of pharmaceutical products appropriately formulated for safe and effective use.

What do you like most about teaching at Husson?
Challenging students to move forward with strong knowledge they’ll use in their professional lives is gratifying and truly fulfilling for me.

What do you think makes Husson stand out from an academic perspective?
Our mission is to inspire students for professional careers. Small community, friendly environment, as well as dedicated educators and staff prepare students well for success.