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Husson University School of Pharmacy

Pharmacology Curriculum

Coursework required for the MS in pharmacology.

Courses containing a "PS" prefix are being finalized.

First Semester

PS 521 Graduate Pharmacodynamics I
PS 511 RCR & Scientific Writing
PS 501 Graduate Seminar I

Second Semester

PS 522 Graduate Pharmacodynamics II
PS 512 Pharmacologic Research Methods
PS 502 Graduate Seminar II

Summer Term I

PS 520 Advanced Biostatistics & Research Design
PS 530 Research

Third Semester

RX 441 Pharmacokinetics
PS 601 Graduate Seminar III

Fourth Semester

PS 612 Elective
PS 602 Graduate Seminar IV

Summer Term II

PS 620 Toxicology
PS 530 Research

Defended written thesis based on original laboratory research is required for successful completion of this. Students must maintain a GPA greater than or equal to 3.0 to remain in good standing and progress to completion. If additional time is required for research, students must register for one credit of research each semester until thesis is completed.