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A School of Pharmacy student works in a lab with faculty

School of Pharmacy Cost of Attendance


Our School of Pharmacy strives to keep the cost of your education as low as possible. As a pharmacy student at Husson, you can potentially earn valuable scholarships of up to $25,000 per year

New! We now offer the Rural Healthcare Scholarship to students coming from a rural background as identified by the US Dept of Health and Human Services. Residents in rural areas typically have more difficulty in accessing healthcare. This scholarship has been created in the hopes that students from rural areas return upon graduation to help balance that inequity.

Please note that these scholarships are for the Graduate level PharmD program only. For a listing of undergraduate scholarships that are available, please click here.

The following is an overview of tuition and fees for students enrolled in the PharmD program at Husson University. Credit hour costs are based on the current curriculum requirements for the program. These costs do not include books, supplies, room, board, or other living expenses. Current costs for Room and Board can be found here. 

2024-2025 Costs for PharmD Students

Tuition: $1,208/credit hour P1 P2 P3 P4
Fall $19,328 (16 credits) $19,328 (16 credits) $22,824 (18 credits) $22,824 (12 to 18 credits)** 
Spring $20,536 (17 credits) $19,328 (16 credits) $22,824 (18 credits) $16,484 (13 credits)
Summer $4,832* (4 credits) $3,624* (3 credits) $15,216 (6 to 12 credits)** $0
Total $44,696 $42,280 $60,864 $39,308

 *includes 3 credits of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE).
**APPE courses start in the summer
Please note, these figures also do not include any institutional aid offered to School of Pharmacy students.

Annual Fees

Annual Program Fee $1,310
Comprehensive Fee $1,032 (split into $516 each semester)
Student Insurance

2023 - 2024 Rates*:
$3,536.00 - Fall 8/1/2024-7/31/2025
$2,050.00 - Spring 1/1/2025-7/31/2025

*Students can waive the Husson insurance if they provide proof of private insurance.

More information about student insurance can be found here.


PharmD Financial Aid

P1 $33,000 federal unsubsidized loan, split equally between fall and spring semester
P2 $33,000 federal unsubsidized loan, split equally between fall and spring semester
P3 $37,167 federal unsubsidized loan, split equally between fall, spring, and summer semester
P4 $33,000 federal unsubsidized loan, split equally between fall and spring semester
Grad Plus Loans PharmD students are eligible to apply for a federal graduate PLUS loan up to the cost of attendance each year. Students must apply at Current interest rate on PLUS loans is 7.54% and is adjusted by the federal government each July 1.


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