Husson University's Robert E. White Gallery Presents the Work of Wendilee Heath O'Brien

Husson University's Robert E. White Gallery Presents the Work of Wendilee Heath O'Brien

Date of Release: January 20, 2012

Husson University's Robert E. White Gallery is pleased to present the work of Wendilee Heath O'Brien of Winter Harbor, ME. The exhibit runs from January 23rd through February 24th. An artist's reception and demonstration will be held on February 8th from 4-6 pm at the Gallery. Open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm, the Gallery is located in the Campus Center of Peabody Hall at Husson University, One College Circle.

Ms. Heath O'Brien is trained in both Western and Asian watercolor composition as well as in the utilization of classical materials including vegetables, minerals, gold leaf, wet lamination, glue and the distinct Japanese brush. She works in four different mediums, allowing the unique qualities of each to evoke the desired emotion. For example, watercolor is liquid. No other medium can create the organic shapes that water moving pigment can. Pastel sculpts. By applying the pastel lightly and with varied strokes, multiple layers create physical as well as visual depth. Asian Ink Painting is a fleeting moment of the brush on absorbent paper. Consequently it captures the essence of a gesture or a spirit. For Asian Gold Leaf, Kinpakku, because the binder is water soluble the pigment floats onto the gold allowing for the gold to emanate from the colors.

The artist believes that, "original art must be accessible to and affordable for everybody. Consequently, I work all the time. This not only allows me to keep my prices down, but it also means I am constantly honing my skills and vision. I paint every day to ensure constant growth."

For more information regarding this release, please call Amanda Kitchen at 207-649-4647 or

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