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A Green Initiative at Husson is Raising Money for Student Groups

Published on: May 16, 2024

This is a promotional image with a green background that shows photos of the four pieces of furniture available for sale as well as the dimensions and prices.

Husson University has long had a commitment to sustainability on campus. Leftover and discarded food scraps from the Dickerman Dining Center are transformed into electricity, animal bedding, or soil amendments. The majority of the university’s electricity comes from renewable sources (mostly solar and hydro) in Maine. So when the university wanted to get rid of old dorm furniture, it decided to go for the most sustainable option: selling it so it will continue to be used.

The old dorm furniture — items that have plenty of use left in them but have been earmarked for replacement to keep the dorms feeling fresh and comfortable for students — is being sold at low costs. A two- or three-drawer dresser or a desk with a matching chair cost $15. There are armoires for $25 and beds available too ($10 for the frame, $5 for the mattress).

“For our practical uses here at the university, the furniture is at its end of life. We want to provide the best student experience we can so we regularly replace furniture in our dorms. But the furniture still has a lot of life in it despite the scuffs and wear and tear,” said Christopher Bennett, director of facilities. 

Since the project began in April, the university has raised $1,145. 

The money raised through the sales is going to a new fund that will support student clubs and organizations as well as other campus initiatives. The Alumni Association Initiatives Fund was approved by the Alumni Board by May 14, and is a restricted fund overseen by the Alumni Board.

The sale will continue for at least a few more weeks. All furniture sales are by appointment only and buyers must pick up their purchases on campus.

“It’s providing a resource to the community as well. Prices have been kept very low on purpose to make sure that this quality furniture is accessible for those who could really use it,” said Christine Mihan, director of alumni relations, who is helping to coordinate the effort.

Anyone interested in purchasing furniture should call 207-404-5639 at least 24 hours in advance to schedule pick up. Payment is by credit card only and all sales are final.

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