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Brewer-based Company Constructs and Ships an Entire Building Across the Pacific to Aid in Saipan Relief Efforts

Published on: January 18, 2019

SnapSpace container being loaded onto an airplane

Bangor, Maine - SnapSpace Solutions Inc. (SSI), a Brewer-based American manufacturer of fully customizable structures using recycled steel shipping containers, will be loading an entire building onto a jumbo jet headed for the Pacific island of Saipan at the Bangor International Airport at 188 Maine Avenue, Building 121, on Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. The building is a portable, sanitary, disaster relief structure, commissioned by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to aid the victims of the deadly typhoon in Saipan and jumpstart the island’s rebuilding process.

“These restroom units were specially constructed for the school system in Saipan. Children will finally be able to return to school in this devastated country,” said Chad Walton, CEO of SnapSpace Solutions, Inc. “I’m also excited because this is a milestone in our company’s history. SnapSpace Solutions and our team were able to land our first FEMA contract after several years of hard work and this building is the culmination of our efforts.”

This Brewer-based company has grown by over 550 percent in recent years. During the past year, SSI won a prestigious award for innovation and landed this FEMA contract. 

“I was introduced to Chad and his team early in 2018, by an investor from Florida, who wanted me to evaluate their growth potential,” said Dr. Brien Walton (no relation to Chad Walton). Brien is the director of Husson University’s Center for Family Business and the CEO of Acadia Capital Management II, Inc., a certified Community Development Entity that provides federal New Markets Tax Credits to investors in distressed communities and Opportunity Zones.

“SnapSpace is a true success story,” continued Brien. “Their 550 percent increase in revenue for the 2018 fiscal year is nothing short of remarkable. Husson students are supporting SSI by creating adaptive and scalable business administration strategies that allow Chad’s team to focus on customer acquisition. I’m honored to be working with this quiet company that’s about to roar. Chad is currently negotiating a contract that could potentially triple his 2018 revenue in just three months.”

The SnapSpace Solutions story is an example of American innovation and creative entrepreneurship. Located in Brewer, Maine, the company builds unique, fully customizable spaces for home and work using recycled shipping containers that are modern, cost-effective and disaster-proof.

In recent years, the company has transitioned from being a local family-owned business to becoming a leading contractor in affordable homes and commercial structures. SSI has already outgrown their current location due to increased demand and plans to double the size of their manufacturing plant. The organization also plans to recruit and train approximately 25 new, full-time employees along with 50 new part-time employees and subcontractors.

In addition, SSI currently has manufacturing affiliates and capacity in Connecticut and South Carolina. A new factory planned for Florida will allow SSI to serve the entire East Coast. 

SSI is quickly becoming a leading builder in the U.S. because creating spaces from recycled shipping containers enables the company to cut down the time it would take to create a traditional stick-built project. For example, SSI can build a three bedroom, two bath, 1,280 square-foot home in weeks rather than months - even in the middle of winter. As fully customizable structures, SnapSpace buildings are only limited by the boundaries of one's own imagination. The company can even put a pool inside one of their custom-built intermodal steel building unit (ISBU) homes.

The buildings can be used for home or work. Ways that clients have used their modular spaces include: commercial buildings, vacation homes, entertainment venues, storage units, commercial kitchens, disaster relief and more. ISBU technology is on the forefront of efficient, durable and cost-friendly structural architecture, and increasing demand has resulted in a hiring plan that creates many new direct jobs for Mainers.

By recycling steel ISBU shipping containers, SSI is able to offer modular structures that are assembled faster, cost less and are superior in appearance, strength and environmental impact. The company’s commitment to leading through innovation, quality control, and eco-friendly processes resulted in SSI receiving an award from Dwell Magazine's Best of Design 2018 competition for innovative buildings and multiple federal contracts for disaster relief.  

Acadia Capital Management II, Inc., in Bangor, Maine, is an independent affiliate of Eastern Maine Development Corporation, providing strategic planning for Opportunity Zones and structured finance solutions using federal New Markets Tax Credits, to stimulate scalable economic growth throughout Maine. 

Husson University’s Center for Family Business (CFB) in Bangor, Maine, is dedicated to supporting and strengthening the 30,000+ family-owned businesses in Maine. The Center for Family Business serves family business owners, managers and employees through a variety of seminars and workshops.

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