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Three Husson University Students to be Honored at All Saints Catholic School for Building Their New Computer and Information Technology Infrastructure from Scratch

Published on: May 1, 2014

It started out as a class project and wound up being an enormously successful learning experience for three Husson University students who donated 250 – 300 hours of their time to All Saints School in Bangor, Maine. Thanks to their efforts, this catholic elementary school now more than 20 connected classrooms as part of a new information technology (IT) infrastructure that was conceived, built and implemented by the soon-to-be Husson graduates.

“The Husson students working on this project exceeded our all our expectations. Now, All Saints elementary school children in grades four through eight have access to advanced learning opportunities through a 21st century computer network,” said Joseph Gallant, principal at All Saints Catholic School.

The three students – Joshua Burgess, Jared Randall, and Shaun Stevenson – are all members of Husson University’s Computer Information Systems, (CIS) program. They designed the IT infrastructure, pulled the wiring and even helped secure a donation of 15 personal computers from Husson University to the elementary school.

“This experiential learning experience provided Josh, Jared and Shaun with the confidence to work with people in developing computer networks. It was also a great lesson in problem solving, interpersonal communication and decision-making. This is the kind of real-world experience that helps make Husson students such great hires after they graduate,” said Gerald Wright, Gerald Wright, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the School of Business and Management at Husson University.

In honor of their volunteer efforts, the three Husson University students will be honored today at 1:00 p.m. at All Saints Catholic School in Bangor. All Saints Catholic School, (grades four through eight), is located at 166 State Street in Bangor.

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