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A student works in an audio engineering lab

Post-Production Concentration

A Creative Career in Post-Production

A career in post-production is one of the most creative and collaborative occupations around. Professionals in this field have a passion for sound and music. They design soundscapes and sound effects in a fast-paced environment after a film or recording has taken place. With careers that range from sound design, Foley, ADR, augmented reality and virtual reality, composing and many more, you can find yourself in the exciting and growing world of post-production.

Hands-On Learning with Commercial-Grade Technology

Beginning your first semester, you’ll receive hands-on training with industry standard equipment, learning the skills you need to work in a post-production studio environment. Through studying sound design, you’ll work on projects that involve creating an environment that is believable to the audience. You’ll design and produce Foley and cut effects, audio cues and special effects, and record and edit dialog in our fully equipped labs. Plus, you’ll gain real-world experience through on and off campus events. A degree in Post-Production will position you for a career in this exciting field.