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Audio Engineering at Husson University

Music at NESCom

Are you a musician? Are you looking for an audio program that is both technically advanced and musically rich? NESCom may be the perfect home for you.

Music is at the heart of NESCom! The majority of NESCom audio students and faculty are musicians, and the Audio Engineering and Live Sound Technology concentrations reflect this in multiple ways. In addition to solid academics and hands on technical training, musical opportunities exist throughout NESCom.


Music Specific Courses

CT 111 - Music Structure & Style For Audio
CT 215 - Music Theory
CT 313 - Pro Tools II Music
CT 314 - Business of Music
CT 335 - Electronic Music Technology
CT 431 - Advanced Music Production

Musicians Club

Through involvement in the Musicians Club, NESCom students can form bands, jam, and perform at college events. On average, the Musicians Club sponsors at least major two concerts per semester. These events are typically supported with full production from the Live Sound and Entertainment Production departments.

Class Projects

Students are encouraged to write and perform for other students' recording projects. On these projects, students may use the NESCom studio's arsenal of instruments, including a Steinway grand piano, Pearl Drum set, Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ, and a variety of guitars and basses.

  • In CT 215 - Music Theory, students compose and produce short musical compositions using digital audio workstations.
  • In CT 335 - Electronic Music Technology, students receive access to the Electronic Music & Sound Design Lab. Stuffed with an assortment of analog and digital synthesizers, drum machines, and controllers, students in the course produce video-accompanying compositions.
  • Most significant, in CT 431 - Advanced Music Production, graduating students produce a complete musical project across the semester. Approximately twenty minutes in length (3-5 songs), students must search out an artist, then prepare, engineer, produce, mix, and master all the music.

For more information

Phone and Email Address
Edward Goguen, MSEd Edward Goguen, MSEd
Assistant Professor, NESCom Academic Director
201D Wildey Communications Center
Husson University
1 College Circle
Bangor, Maine 04401