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Live Sound Technology at Husson University

Live Sound Production Gear

Consoles:New England School of Communications Live Sound console
Allen & Heath GL24K
Avid Profile System w/ Mac Mini and Pro Tools HD Native
Midas Pro3 w/ Klark Teknik Network Bridge
Yamaha CL3 w/ three MADI Cards
Yamaha LS9

Three Adam A7
Two JBL EON 515
Four JBL MRX 512m
Two JBL MRX 525
Two MRX 528S
Two JBL PRX 615M
Eight JBL 918SP
Eight JBL VRX 932LAP
Twenty-One Meyer M'elodie
Six Meyer 500HP
Two Meyer UPJ
One Meyer M1D
One Tannoy Pro350B
Five Tannoy SYS 800A
One Peavey 115 CX
One Peavey 115 Series Three

Microphones, Pickups, & DIs:
One AKG C210
AKG D112
Two AKG Perception 400
One Audio-Technica 815a
Two Audio-Technica AT3035
Two Audio-Technica ATM450
Two Audio-Technica MB 4K
One Audio-Technica Pro 35
Two Audio-Technica Pro 35r
Two Beyer Dynamic M300N-C
Sixteen Countryman B3
Sixteen Countryman E6
Two Crown PCC 160
Four Dayton EMM-6
One Earthworks FM500
One Earthworks QTC40
One Electro-Voice N/D/ 857B
Two Electro-Voice RE20
One Klark Teknik DI
Two Neuman KM184
Three Neuman 82i
One Nueman KMS 104
Two Neuman KMS105
Two Pearl Ehrlund Pickups
Two Pearl Margarita Pickups
One Radial D2 Stereo DI
Nine Radial Pro48 DIs
Two Sennheiser MD441
One Sennheiser e608
Four Sennheiser e835
Two Sennheiser e965 Wireless
Two Sennheiser eW300G2
Two Sennheiser MD421
One Shure Beta 52
Three Shure Beta 57a
One Shure Beta 87a
One Shure Beta 91a
Six Shure Beta 98 D/S
Two Shure KSM44
One Shure KSM9
One Shure KSM137
One Shure PG52
Three Shure PG56
Two Shure PG81
Sixteen Shure SM57
Six Shure SM58
Two Shure SM81
Five Telefunken M80

Driverack / Effects Rack:New England SChool of Communications Live Sound Technology DriveRack/Effects Rack
One DBX 1046 quad compressor limiter
Three DBX 1231 Graphic EQas
One DBX Driverack 260
One Effectron II Delay
One Furman M-8Dx Power Strip
One Klark Teknik 8 Channel Comp/Gate
One TC Electronics D-Two Delay
One TC Electronics M-One Effects Processor

Power Distro:
Motion Labs 3 Phase Power Distro
150 Feet of Feeder
Two Motion Labs 30A Stage boxes

Power Amp Rack #1
One Trip Lite Rackmount Power Strip
Motion Labs Power 30A Power Distribution Rack
Two Crown MacroTech 5000i Amplifiers
Two Crown XTi 2000 Amplifers

Power Amp Rack #2
One Trip Lite Rackmount Power Strip
Motion Labs Power 30A Power Distribution Rack
Two Crown XTi 4000 Amplifers
Two Crown XTi 4002 Amplifers

System Optimization Rack:
One Furman Power Strip
One JBL Driverack 4800
One Roland Octacapture Audio Interface
Dell Laptop w/ Rational Acoustic Smaart, Harman HiQ Net, Shure Wireless Workbench
One Winn Radio Frequency Analyzer with Kalman Creations Invisible Waves Software
One Mackie 1608VLZ Mixer

Wireless Rack #1:
Wiremold Rackmount Power Strip
Aiport Extreme Base Station
Hewlett Packard Pro-Curve Ethernet Switch
Ten Shure UR1M-L3 Body Pack Transmitters
Four Shure UR4D+ Receivers
Two Shure VA870USTV Paddle Antennas

Wireless Rack #2:
Net Gear JFS524 Ethernet Switch
Ten Shure UR1M-L3 Body Pack Transmitters
Two Shure UR4D Receivers
Two Shure VA870USTV Paddle Antennas

Wireless Rack #3:
Sennhesier EM2050 Wireless Receiver
Two Sennheiser eW100G2 Receivers
Six Sennheiser eW300IWNG2 IEM Receivers
Six Sennheiser eW300IWNG2 IEM Transmitters

Floater Pro Tools Record Rack:
One Glyph 2 TB Hard Drive
Avid Pro Tools HD Native Thunderbolt
Apple Mac Mini
Wiremold Rack Mount Power Strip
Avid HD MADI interface
Apogee Big Ben Master Clock

Live Lab:
Apple Mac Pro
Iso Box Equipment Rack
Digidesign Pro Tools HD3
Avid HD MADI Interface
Lacie 2 TB Rackmount Hard Drive
Samson C Control Monitor Controller

Two Applied Electronics Mini Line Array Towers
Alesis Masterlink Recorder
Ashly Protea 4.24C Loudspeaker Processor
Audient ASP 008 Microphone Preamp
Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Headphones
Clear Com Intercom System
Marantz PMD330 CD Player
Three EZ-Tilt Console Stands
Three Whirlwind Mic Power 2
One Whirlwind Press Bridge
Four Ul;timate Support Speaker Stands
Variety of Microphone Stands, Roadcases, and Cables

Complete Rolling Tool Kit
Fluke Multi-Tester
Weller Soldering Station
Rat Sniffer
Whirlwind Q Box
Gold Line 30 N-8 Frequency Analyzer
Morley Swizz Army Cable Tester
Realistic SPL Meter
Velleman Cable Tester
Reed SC-05 Sound Level Calibrator
Bosch GLR225 Digital Measuring Tape