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The Beardsley Meeting House on the campus of Husson University

Appeal Your Offer

Domestic Students

Sometimes a student or family’s circumstances can change dramatically. There may be times when the financial or demographic information submitted on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) does not accurately reflect a student or family’s current situation. In such cases, the student or family may request a financial aid appeal. The Husson University Financial Aid Office is willing to review each student or family’s appeal in order to see if it qualifies for a Professional Judgment. Each appeal will be evaluated on an individual, case by case basis and will require complete and substantiating documentation. If it is shown that the circumstances could have a significant impact on the student’s
financial aid, then the financial aid may be recalculated using Professional Judgement guidance, as set forth by the Department of Education.

Please be aware that:

  • Not all circumstances will qualify for an appeal.
  •  Not all appeals will result in an increase in financial aid.
  •  An increase in financial aid may not be sufficient to cover the student’s entire bill.

If such a situation applies to you, the student should initiate the appeal process by logging into their student portal and clicking the "My Financial Aid" link.

The parent or student will be emailed additional information about the appeal process, and a list of required documents based on the nature of their appeal. Once all of the requested documents have been received, the appeal will be considered and the results of the professional judgement will be communicated to the student or family within 30 business days.


International Students

All international applicants are screened for scholarship eligibility at the time of admission review. Admitted students are offered scholarship amounts based upon merit, and include evaluation of high school transcripts, grade point average, personal essay, letters of recommendation, interview results, and English language proficiency. Scholarships are renewable for four undergraduate years, providing students maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or above.

International students who wish to request an appeal must submit a required letter of appeal to the Financial Aid Office, and meet the following criteria: 

  • One year minimum attendance at Husson University
  • Minimum grade point average of 3.0 or above
  • Current F-1 visa in-program status
  • Commitment to live on the Husson University campus
  • Significant change in personal or family situation
  • Additional documentation may be required. Results of the appeal will be communicated to the student within 30 business days.

The required letter of appeal must be a formal letter explaining the circumstances that have led to the need for increased scholarship. Petitioner should be a student, family member, or sponsor responsible for student expenses. The letter should:

  • Include student petitioner's legal name, date of birth, current grade, number of credits earned, current semester grades, and current cumulative grade point average. If petitioner is not the student, identify relationship to student.
  • Include detailed explanation of the change in circumstances that necessitate increased support, including the additional amount being sought.

International Student Assistance Grant Application

International students who wish to request an International Student Assistance Grant must understand that the Financial Aid Office makes a decision if the situation rises to the definition of an emergency. If so, students are also to understand that this is a one-time only award.