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students walking on campus at Husson University

Strategic Plan: Rising to the Occasion

A diversity equity and inclusion strategic plan leading into the future

Husson’s core values of character and humility position our institution to continuously interrogate our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This introspection as an institution is beseeched upon our students, faculty, and staff. Like the rest of the nation, Husson University seeks a peaceful, equitable, diverse society - that has yet to be achieved. As such, we do the difficult work of challenging our community to imagine the world we hope to create. 

By engaging in critical thinking, teaching communication skills, questioning and practicing ethical behavior and social responsibility - questions of diversity, equity, and inclusion ought to be engaged in every facet of our institution. To prepare students as lifelong learners, in an ever-changing world the necessity of building skills to engage cross-culturally, with global perspectives is an imperative need.

The tenets of our mission carry a different significance in 2021 than they did when created in 2011. As such, there is the need to explicitly identify how we build opportunities for the skills necessary for today’s world. As such, President Clark and Senior Provost Coy-Ogan have tasked the institution to create a strategic plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.