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aerial view of the Husson University campus


In all settings where it is logistically feasible, Husson University will use the community members’ preferred names. When it is an official/ legal communication the legal name will be used. Accordingly, Husson community members’ preferred names will be used on select documents and systems as listed below.


Preferred names will be displayed in the following systems and records: 

  • Student or Employee Identification Cards
  • Employee business cards 
  • Online Phonebook Directory
  • Official Student Email Display Name 
  • Official Employee Email Display Name 
  • CAMS*
  • Learning Management Systems (such as Canvas)* 
  • Press Releases (i.e., Dean’s List) 
  • Social Media Sites
  • Alumni database*
  • Alumni/ Advancement Office Correspondence*
  • Other Venues, as appropriate 


Legal names will continue to be used for official University records including, but not limited to the following: 

  • Legal Documents and Reports Produced by the University (i.e., enrollment reports to the National Student Clearinghouse, enrollment lists for student insurance) 
  • Applications for admission 
  • Student Account Statement (Bills) 
  • Financial Aid, Scholarship, and Loan Documents 
  • Transcripts (Official and unofficial) 
  • Enrollment Verifications 
  • Degree Verifications 
  • Degree Progress Report 
  • Student Employment Documents 
  • Responses to requests made under the Solomon Amendment 
  • Employment Verifications 
  • Employment Documents 
  • Reports and/or lists generated for academic purposes or employment purposes
  • e student portal
  • e faculty portal
  • Class and Grade Rosters (for students and employees taking courses) 
  • Paychecks, W2s, and other Payroll documents 
  • Benefits Enrollment 
  • IRS, SSA, and other state and federal reporting requirements 


*Both preferred and legal names will appear in different areas within this system to connect the preferred name to the legal name


Read full Husson University Name Usage Policy Here