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Howard, Christopher, PhD

Howard, Christopher, PhD

Howard, Christopher, PhD

Associate Professor College of Science and Humanities

Contact Information:

Husson University
120 Beardsley Meeting House
1 College Circle
Bangor, Maine 04401
Phone: 207.992.1967 Email:


Christopher Howard received his Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Georgia Southwestern State University (2004), a Master's of Science in Experimental Psychology degree from Augusta State University (2007), and his PhD in Experimental Psychology from Auburn University (2010).

The focus of his current research centers on examining ways to translate principles and research findings from experimental psychology to applied educational settings. Currently, he is conducting research on the testing effect - a cognitive phenomenon that occurs when long-term retention of information is enhanced by initial testing relative to equivalent periods of study. This line of research has received growing attention in cognitive psychology within the last decade. The benefit of his area of research is three-fold: (a) it provides research-based findings that can serve to enhance the effectiveness of educational training in teaching; (b) it expands current knowledge of psychological phenomenon by examining their nature under varied educational conditions and with differing degrees of experimental control; and (c) the findings could have practical implications for improving instructors' assessment techniques and thereby facilitate student learning.

Christopher's research on the testing effect compliments his other research in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). In the last several years, he has conducted or assisted with research on diverse topics including enthusiasm, academic dishonesty, ethical perceptions of professorial behavior, classroom-based accommodations for ADHD students, assessment practices in introductory psychology, teacher performance evaluation, and the qualities and characteristics of master teachers.

Professional Statement

I believe that my teaching reflects a dynamic process that meets the demands of my students as well as the demands of changes within psychology itself. My passion for psychology and the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) has led me to develop new and interesting ways to approach the subject matter. My teaching philosophy is based on three core ideas: (a) to motivate students to think critically and analytically about psychology within the classroom, (b) to apply the methods of psychological and scientific inquiry in order to maximize students' educational experience, and (c) to instill in students an appreciation for psychological and scientific knowledge that can be applied beyond the walls of traditional academic settings.