Two School of Pharmacy Faculty Receive Funding from the Maine Cancer Foundation

Two School of Pharmacy Faculty Receive Funding from the Maine Cancer Foundation

Date of Release: September 5, 2013

Dr. Tianzhi Yang, assistant professor in Husson University School of Pharmacy, has received a $49,450 One-Year Pilot Grant from the Maine Cancer Foundation on the treatment of brain cancer.

The incidence of brain cancer in the United States is 6.6 per 100,000 persons annually. Over 28,000 of these cases are among children under the age of 20. Treatment of brain cancer remains one of the biggest challenges in oncology with the median survival span of only 4 months. Collaborating with scientists at University of Maine, Nova Southeastern University, and Texas Tech University Health Science Center, Dr. Yang will exploit an endogenous exosome nanosystem for anticancer drug delivery to the brain. This is a new area of basic research, but if successful it is clear that the approach could be applied as a therapeutic drug delivery system for improving treatment of brain cancer.

Dr. Shuhua Bai, assistant professor of pharmaceutics, has been awarded a $48,300 grant from the Maine Cancer Foundation for his investigation on lung cancer therapy. Lung cancer is the leading cause of malignancy related death in the United States. Although chemotherapy has been used for lung cancer, its safety and effectiveness are not always satisfactory. Work in Dr. Bai’s research lab will be aimed at developing new therapeutics with improved selectivity and effectiveness compared to traditional chemotherapy to fight lung cancer.

Two years ago, Dr. Bai received his first $69,000 grant using small interfering RNA as a new potential drug target to treat lung cancer from the Maine Cancer Foundation. This new grant will allow Dr. Bai to take his cancer research to the next level.

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