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Curriculum Guidelines

It is expected that all approved IPS programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies will incorporate the following features, including

  • A broad base in traditional liberal arts:
  • English/Communications - six (6) courses minimum
  • Humanities - four (4) courses minimum
  • Social Sciences - six (6) courses minimum
  • Science/Mathematics - four (4) courses minimum
  • At least two (2) advanced courses (300 level and above) in at least two of the above general areas, resulting in a four (4) course requirement;
  • Electives as necessary to support the development of at least two (2) areas of concentration, and to permit increased depth of study in areas supporting the concentration, resulting in a comprehensive program of study totaling not less than 120 credit hours; and
  • Completion of Capstone course or equivalent directed study.