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Pre-Pharmacy Advising

Pre-Parmacy Advising

This pre-pharmacy track at Husson ensures smooth transition of qualified Husson students from the pre-professional to the professional stage of studies in the Husson University School of Pharmacy. Additionally, students who complete the pre-pharmacy track will meet most of the application requirements for admission into a school of medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, or podiatry. When choosing any specific professional school, students will work with their advisors to satisfy any possible additional course requirements of the particular school.

Pre-pharmacy Track

Qualified students in this pre-professional track may apply to the Husson School of Pharmacy after only two years of study in this program. The first two years include four semesters each of chemistry and biology, three of math, one of economics, and six general education courses.


The Husson Pre-Pharmacy Advantage

One of the many advantages in taking the pre-pharmacy track at Husson University, is that students gain a solid foundation that allows for an easy transition to the professional phase of the pharmacy program. The courses at Husson are geared towards preparing students by equipping them with the necessary study skills and knowledge that will help them succeed in the School of Pharmacy. Students who participate in Hussons pre-pharmacy track will gain an edge through receiving advising from the current professors and will be able to get a head start on their professional pharmacy career. Additionally, Husson students that meet the minimum GPA and PCAT requirements in the pre-pharmacy track are offered a guaranteed interview for the competitive pharmacy program.


Pre-Pharmacy Club

Husson Universitys pre-pharmacy club is an organization that consists of students in the first and second year of the pre-pharmacy track. The main focus of this club is to educate students on the key aspects of the process of going from a pre-pharmacy student to a pharmacy student in the pharmacy doctoral program. The pre-pharmacy club meets to discuss the various aspects of this process, including advising for prerequisite courses, required grade and GPA minimums, tips for the interview process, instructions on filling out the online application through Pharmcas, preparation for the PCAT test, and what to expect when entering the pharmacy program. The club puts on various events that incorporate different guest speakers that consist of current pharmacy professors and students. This is a great opportunity for students that are pursuing pharmacy to get involved and meet other students with similar professional goals as well as receive insight about the progression process.


For more information

Phone and Email Address
Donald Withers, PhD Donald Withers, PhD
Assistant Professor & Chair
217 Peabody Hall
Husson University
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Bangor, Maine 04401