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Develop the reading, writing, and speaking skills essential to adapt to and compete within a changing job market and complex global environment.

Mission: The English program at Husson University prepares students to think critically, write effectively, and speak formally, as well as to apply these skills in solving  complex problems in their personal and professional lives. The English Degree program develops these abilities by teaching students to understand their world through the analysis of literary texts, films, social media, and other forms of communication.  English majors develop empathy for diverse social and cultural realities, read texts critically, and learn how authors engage and persuade an audience. Students write creative, academic, and business documents in preparation for professional careers or graduate study. They speak confidently and coherently in academic and professional contexts and use information technologies to work effectively within new and emerging online environments.

The English program is informed by the liberal arts, the foundation of higher education and life-long learning and a tradition that fosters creativity and innovation, attributes important to the development of an engaged citizenry and a professionally adaptable work force.

Basic or Pre-Law-English degree Options

Either of two English degree tracks, the basic literature track or the pre-law track with paralegal studies certificate, will prepares students for graduate study, law school or the job market by developing skills in reading analytically, thinking critically and writing effectively. Along with these practical benefits, the study of English fosters strong global awareness, historical knowledge and cultural sensitivity—all invaluable ingredients for success in twenty-first century corporate environments.

English Majors Have Numerous Career Options

While study in the humanities is invaluable in shaping cultural and ethical perspectives, it also provides a practical set of portable skills. If you graduate with an English degree from Husson you will be a strong writer, a skilled interpreter of texts, a patient problem-solver, and a sophisticated critical/analytical thinker. These are just a few of the skills that make the English major an attractive degree for employers.

The following is an abbreviated list of professions that actively recruit graduates with degrees in English:

  • Advertising
  • Broadcasting
  • Copy Editing
  • Corporate Communications
  • Government
  • Grant Writing
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Municipal and State
  • Professional/Technical
  • Public Relations
  • Publications Research
  • Writing
  • Teaching (Secondary or Elementary)

To the greatest extent possible, students are placed in writing internships in promising professional areas.

Additional support is available through the Writing Center, a resource for a student's writing.

Minor in English

We also offer a minor in English, requiring completion of 18 credit hours (6 courses) of approved English coursework.

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Phone and Email Address
Gregory (Greg) Winston, PhD Gregory (Greg) Winston, PhD
Professor, Area Chair of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty Athletic Representative
119 Beardsley Meeting House
Husson University
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Bangor, Maine 04401