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Student working on computer

Program Outcomes

  • Solve complex problems using the tools and techniques found in various application areas (e.g., Business and Health Care).
  • Write clear and efficient code in the programming languages relevant to Data Analytics, following appropriate coding standards and industry practices.
  • Analyze data, test claims, and draw valid conclusions using appropriate statistical methodology.
  • Retrieve, organize and manipulate data using a variety of analytical tools.
  • Apply visual representation methods and techniques to explain complex data and models.
  • Use appropriate resources to research, develop and contribute to advances and trends within the field of Data Analytics.
  • Interpret and present visually, orally and in written form, valid conclusions drawn from data analysis in a collaborative way.
  • Identify, explain, and apply fundamental data analytics concepts within identified content  specializations.
  • Work within groups to create projects and participate in experiential learning through simulated and real scenarios.
  • Develop and apply a personal code of values and ethics that includes, among other things, a commitment to personal and social understanding.