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Students study in the campus center

Certificates in the College of Science and Humanities

Applied Mental Health

The eight required courses in this program meet the updated standards for the MHRT/C (Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/Community) certification. This state-awarded certification allows entry-level mental health practitioners provide supportive services (e.g., case management, help with entitlement programs, and help with development of basic skills like communication) to adults with significant mental health issues. 

MH 200 Community Integration and Inclusion 3
MH 201 Policy Knowledge 3
MH 202 Mind-Body Connection 3
MH 203 Vocational Support 3
PY 113 Ethics and Professional Conduct 3
PY 322 Cultural Competency 2
PY 335 Behavioral, Psychological, and Rehabilitation Intervention Models 3
PY 447 Trauma and Resiliency 3
Total Hours 24